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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Jerry G, Apr 4, 2008.

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    So true Diege. Yours and jeffmans suggestion has been heard.

    A 'sticky' thread this is.. effective immediately. :thumbsup:
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    Gov Job

    Hi Mate
    I have got drugs test for new job, l have managed to blag some time, l want the job but l cant risk going for it, in case come up positive, l was a very heavy smoker for probably same time as you, about 15 yrs ish, l stopped smoking on Nov 20th 2011, l am thinking about taking drug test in late feb, l have ginger hair, not good for dying apparantly, does weight come in to it, if you are 3 months clean, thanks everyone for your help very grateful
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    Weight will not affect the outcome of a hair test. Reread post #37 and #40. You have time and cutting your hair will remove the THC.
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    Really informative. It is really one of the most confusing issues. But such information is surely going to help the people.
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    i did the jerry g method and passed my first hair test. it was a self test, just wanted to make sure before i went for the real one. my question is, since i passed the first test, if i keep up with the baking soda paste and detox shampoo, do i need to bleach again or is my hair completely stripped of toxins? i dont want to bleach for fear of losing hair, i lost some last time. any info would help. thanks
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    Ned help asap thanks

    Ok so im a heavy smoker only 5'11" 185 day metabolism, have a hair test today I've bought the synergy detox precision cleanse and toxin wash I've ben doing that for the past week I only had time to bleach and redye hair once about to bakimg soda my hair then tw treatment barely any vlean time about two weeks. anymore advice
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    Hair Strip

    Ok Jerry G. I've seen your posts all over while searching for the answer to my hair test dilemma. History of smoking is constant. For years. I'm 5"2' about 120 lbs. Long, black, thc-filled hair... :hippy: I have a hair test coming up (they said 4-6 weeks. this was almost 2 weeks ago) for a corporate position I applied for at my job. Everything I read says macujo or gman method, washes of all kinds, or I'm just plain fucked. But the one that has me intrigued is bleaching. Like I said before, my hair is probably the worst kind of hair to bleach! What do you know about professional hair color stripping? And if I get this process done, do you think it would clean thc as well as color from the cortex of the hair? Please help! :smokebong:
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    Hair Test Passed!

    Thursday - Request to take hair test received

    Friday - macujo method three times. w/o baking soda

    Saturday - Got a haircut to 1 inch at top + macujo method 1 time (burned like hell)

    Sunday - washed hair with Stat shampoo and shaved entire body below neck

    Monday - Test day! washed hair with Stat shampoo in morning and took test that afternoon

    Wednesday found out I passed

    Smoke history: Smoked 4-5 times about a 30 to 35 days before test

    35-90 days prior to test smoked very lightly 3-4 times.

    Body type: 5'10 190
    Hair: Dark/thin

    Test Center: psychemedics

    Opinion/cocky rant: My girlfriend is a PA and a lot of her friends are doctors. They told me it would be very difficult/impossible to pass. I smoked lightly 35-90 days prior to test (~4 times). I smoked 4-5 times 30-35 days prior to test (super bummed over not getting an offer). I tried the macujo method after reading about everybody else having success and used the STAT shampoo. When I went in to get the sample taken the lady said my hair was too short and wanted body hair. I told her I shaved my entire body b/c I heard these tests went back 10+ years and college was a good time. She laughed at me and took it off the top of my head. No idea what worked or why but it did baby!!!!

    Life Advice Section: This was one of the most stressful experiences of my life. I had already received the job offer and accepted before being informed about the hair test. I had already told my parents and my gf's parents about the job offer and my plans to accept the following week. My advice is to stop smoking if you're even thinking about looking for a job or internship. It's just not worth the stress or the potential to miss out on a great job. I love a good high but not as much as a fat payday.
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    So, I have been asked to do a hair test tomorrow. I weigh 150, I am 5'8" and in my mid 40's. My last smoke was 15 days ago and was a strong medical variety. Prior to that I was a regular smoker for the last 25 years. I have super short hair on my head and face, 1/8" roughly.

    I did the following yesterday:

    Trimmed leg, arm, arm pit, pubic and chest hair down to between 1/2" and 1".
    Soaked all body hair in white vinegar for 30 minutes using a gauze wrap
    Soaked all body hair in Clean & Clear Astrigent for 30 minutes using gauze wrap
    Washed up using liquid laundry detergent for 30 minutes
    Final wash with swimmers shampoo


    Bleached all body hair using 30 volume peroxide (could not find 40 vol locally)
    Redyed all body hair (by the way, it stains the skin)
    Washed body using swimmers shampoo with add in stripper to clean everything up
    Finished up with 2 cycles of Ultra Klean "Ultra Cleanse" shampoo.

    Any idea on my chances of passing if I go in tomorrow?
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    How did it go?
  11. firstaid

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    Damn thats pretty thorough
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    What is the minimum i have to wait between bleaches so i dont lose my hair
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    I did 2bleach an redyes in 1 wk, then 2wks later did another 1. . Wash it off with toxin wash. Ur hair will feel like straw but it depends on how much u wanna pass that darn test. I then put perm lotion on me ed and ended up fried and had to have hair cut really short. I was a daily smoker of very gd weed. I had 4 wks to get hair clean. I totally messed up the hair structure and used toxin wash an zydot. I had to get it shipped as U.KDon't sell toxin wash. Expensive but well worth it. I PASSED THE DREADED HAIR TEST. Hope this helps.
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    So I'm 5'10" 200lbs light brown hair thinning on top. My friend from college said he could get me on with his O&G company making boo coos of money so I abstained for a month (cut down drastically 9 months prior) and quit my job to aquire a certtification for the oil job. That opportunity did not work out so I've been job hunting for 3 months. In the past three months I've smoked three times. One hit 70 days ago, one hit 32 days ago and two hits 26 days ago. I smoked very small amounts intermittenly as I figured it would not effect a urine test. I now have 3 jobs on the table that all require a hair test. One company is running a background check and wont call me in for the hair test until thats back so I have a week or two before I go in for the test. I did the majuco method 4 times over the past 6 days. Vinegar, Clean and Clear, Tide, and TSal shampoo. I called a lab to take an anonymous test and was told the minimum hair length acceptable was 1/2" so I cut my hair to 5/8". I went to the lab to test myself as a precaution and was turned away at the door because my hair was too short. I shaved my body a week ago and am planning on telling the testing center that my girlfriend likes it that way. I think I can put off the test for another 2 weeks from today. Should I pass with that small amount of use and the majuco method? What about the length? I assume my hair will be 3/4" or so by that time.
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    With no clean time and being a heavy smoker. I did 5 bleach and redyed w 40 volume developer from Sally. After every bleach I washed with tgel. I didn't waste money on hair detox shampoos or anything else. I did two bleach and redyes last weekend and then washed w the macujo method. I did another bleach and redye in the middle of the week and then two more this weekend. I took the test yesterday with quest and should have my results in 2-3 days. My hair is always kept short. They took the hair from the back of my head (where it's the shortest) lol and each sample was about half an inch. I'm praying I passed but if I didn't... At least I have all my hair! I'll post results when I find out.
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    Hi. I stopped smoking for about a year till a few months ago which I start smoking like 3-5 times a month. But for the past 2 weeks I smoke like every other day and had maybe 2 brownies. I have a up coming hair test sometime next week and I haven't smoked for a week. I have very short hair (about a inch or 1.5 long) I'm have the shampoo I'm also planning to bleach and dye my hair. I was also thing of doing vinegar/acne medicine/detergent method. Do you I'll be ok or should I just bleach and dye? Also is my hair too short? Would they consider taking hair from some where else or switch up the test? I've also detoxt incase I had to take a urine test. Thanks
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    hi, gonna try some of these methods before i go tommorow. just wondering if propylene glycol ,ive seen this ingridient in my electronic cigarette eliquid, i believe its vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol 50/50 , might be another tester to try. also ive heard to leave tap water overnight with lemon juice. or sea salt baking soda and apple cider vinegar. well thats my two cents in the board, good luck everyone, love jerry g!
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    Hey folks.
    I just took a HFT yesterday. I'm going to post my honest results on here. I did the macujo method a few times first time was w/o the nexus aleo rid. I couldn't find it. I didn't a lot of money on detoxing my whole body. I used the 5 day permanent detoxing. Then I finally found the nexus aloe rid! On test clear .com. I did correct macujo correctly bout 2xs. I super permedmy hair twice. 2wks apart. I dyed my hair using Vidal Sassoon. Then I used zydot right before going. I'll post my results. Hope i pass and can help someone else. Ps ......... I'm 5ft 5 black female 250lbs slow metabolism. I'm a light smoker and casual pill popper. Smoked 3wks before the test.
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    I'm still anxious bout my results. Hope I get this job. It would make a great mothers day gift.
  20. treesmoke

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    I wanna know the outcome. I did the macujo method and zydot. Good luck

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