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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Jerry G, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Received a call today for orientation I passed!
  2. treesmoke

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    I passed I'm African African so I also did an extra strength perm and dyed my hair. Went to test got the expensive nexus aleo rid treatment and I did the maccujo method and used zydot the morning before. They used my baby hairs from the back of my head. I mean all of my baby hairs.
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    Thanks for your post. Could you please say steps? I only have 4 days til test. I have all products from Jerry G & Macujo method except for Aloe Rid & bleach. but I did buy Propylene Glycol straight, was just thinking of adding to my shampoo. I would like to know, if I should perm 1st or perm after mac method? Also my hair is VERY short. less then an inch. I was a heavy smoker and stopped 3/21, then had a blunt to celebrate 420 on 4/20, thinking would be just taken an urine test(as I was applying for work). I cant find much on black people type of hair. I also had a big chop, on 4/20 no idea was getting hair tested. Please what ever you suggest would be very helpful.
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    Sorry if the response is late. I used Heinz cider vinegar and pink clean and clear soaked hair for bout 20 to 30 min washed out with aleo rid. Did that method 3 times I had bout 2wks. Morning of test I used zydot. The day before I bought a super strength perm and Vidal Sassoon hair dye.
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    Ok I'm an African African female. I'm heavy set 5ft5 250lbs with a slow metabolism. I smoked on and off in March and took pills. April I smoked the first half of the month. Got the call for a great job. Learned they did hair tests. So I stopped everything. I did my research on the net. Learned about Jerry g and majucco method. I went out and found everything but the aleo rid. So my first treatment was the vinegar, and clean and clear and tide. Around 5/8 my shampoo arrived from test I did a full majucco method. And I permed my hair and washed out with aleo rid. Around the 10th I did the macujo again. This time I permed my hair using the super strength left it on for bout 20 mins. Immediate followed with the hair dye i let that sit for bout 20 mins both times I rinsed my hair with aleo rid. After all of this I did a final majucco method. The morning of the test 5/11 I used zydot. Few days later I was asked to start work so I did it. Thanks for the advice. I'm done doing everything I was so stressed thinking a bag of bull shit may have cost me the chance at the best job I ever had.
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    Man, I will read the majority of this later, but am I correct that, in order to pass a hair test, you must cut and/or dye your hair? There isn't anything to use on your scalp without having to take drastic, obvious measures with your hair?
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    I'm caucasian and have really long hair.. I don't want to cut it. Would you suggest me abstaining? I want a job with the railroad near where I live and they do hair follicle testing but I love the herb. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    I was scared that I had to do a hair test (phew, thankfully I found out that I didn't have to) but here's the test I started doing since I could afford some time.

    First the stats:
    Male, 32, 60lb overweight with slow metabolism, thick black asian hair.

    I'm a regular toker and smoked some really good medical grade stuff (Mob boss from the good old colorado, 27% THC!) and some oils and wax etc everyday from noon till I fell asleep. So my system was full of all the metabolites that were gonna be tested for.

    Now, When I started looking for a job, I quit smoking right away (sometime in early June) and knew that the drug test wouldn't be until end of August which, in my naivety was thinking that that would be enough time. Sometime beginning of August I had a small slip up and smoked half a blunt with a friend, again I didn't think it would be an issue.

    End of August, three months after I quit, I did a piss test and guess what? Tested positive. So the metabolites were still circulating in my system which meant that the hair that has been growing since I stopped abstaining still had the THC Metabolites in it.

    First step was to get a baseline of what I'm working with, so I order HairConfirm from Amazon and sent in a sample of my hair to get the level of the metabolites without doing anything to my hair. Tada! HairConfirm said my hair was positive with GC/MS confirmation cutoff and the levels were 1.6 pg/mg where the confirmation cutoff was 0.1, so I failed miserably.

    So I got to work and here's what I did:

    1. Did modified Mac method 3 times i.e. Milk of Magnesia->2% Silicic Acid -> Tide Powder - >Strong Shampoo -> Repeat
    2. Jerry G Method -> Bleached my hair white and re colored it. I used a 40 Volume Bleach and left it in for 15-20 mins and colored it.
    3. Re-did the Mac Method, till all the fucking "permanent color" came out of my hair (maybe twice).
    4. Jerry G Method -> Bleached and re-colored my hair.

    At this point, I wanted to know if this was at least working. So I sent another sample in to HairConfirm.

    Result: Failed! But with 0.6 Pg/MG cutoff! Progress but not enough to pass the screening level of 1.0 pg/mg.

    1. Now Kept doing Mac Method as many times as I could, at least once a day in the evening for about 5 days.
    2. Jerry G Method -> Two times.
    3. My Hair is pretty much fucked! Color doesn't really hold that well but fuck it, I'm gonna keep re-dying so I don't look like I aged 20 years in a day.

    Sent my sample in again to HairConfirm.

    Result: Passed! Screen cutoff of 1.0 PG was NOT met. which means, there is no confirmation test required.

    The only plot twist here is that my company said I didn't have to do a Hair test, so all that effort was for nothing.

    I hope my tests help you guys as I spent a good $300 doing them.
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    CPS is claiming I am a danger to my son, based soley on my own admission that prior to his birth I used non psychoactive CBDs with a valid doctors rec in California. My baby is in a really crappy foster home, and he needs a NORML lawyer to help him come home, and I cannot afford one. Please help!! CPS is breaking all the laws to try and keep my baby boy! It is effecting his development and health! He needs his daddy.
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    Nathaniel, we saw your first post. Please do not jack other people's threads with this, even though you may feel that your needs override those of the original poster.
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    I need some help would i pass a hair test with only smoking a gram over the last 90 days. Havent smoked in a month.
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    Hoping Jerry G still gets these.

    OK here's my situation. A couple weeks ago I was headhunted for an amazing job only to find out they hair test. I have spent untold hours looking through message boards and the net trying to find a way to pass.

    Here are my stats:
    220 lbs
    Not very active
    Smoke everyday (wife and I go through about an eighth of midgrade every 5 or 6 days)
    Fine medium brown hair that is going white that I keep short.
    Last smoked May 10.
    Interview May 26.
    Expect hair test June 2 at earliest.

    Started baking soda paste (leave in 30 min) wash with original Tide (leave in 30 min before washing out) 1 to 2 times a day on May 19. I will continue doing this everyday until the test.

    I have ordered Paul Mitchell 3 and Zydot system x2 that should be here sometime this week. Once Paul Mitchell 3 gets here I plan on washing with that another 3 or 4 times a day.

    I have also been spending as much time as I can in the sun as I read uv light can break down metabolites.

    If I am offered the position, the week leading up to the test I am going to bleach with 40 volume for as long as I can take it and redye 3 times. I will be using the Zydot to wash out the bleach and dye.

    By the time the test happens I should be at least 3 weeks from smoking and have washed my hair countless times with Tide and clarifying shampoo. Plus the 3 bleaching jobs should destroy quite a bit.

    I really can't afford to not get this job if offered. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
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    Question I see everybody is using zydot, I get it. I'm just starting my detox and have been smoking for four years now, and I have dark short hair.But I'm wondering has anyone use maximum strength ultimate gold bio wash w/ the zydot?
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    I'm happy that I can grow for a living so my boss doesn't ask me for drug tests because this shit is serious! Nice guide.
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    I have a hair follicle coming up in the next week or so.
    Female lazy 5'5" 250lbs naturally dark brown coarse hair but bleach blonde prior to beginning anything with about .5"-.7" new growth.
    I was an everyday Smoker since january or feb of this year. I smoked a few bowls a day, usually In the evening usually mids sometimes chronic. I found out i might have to take a hair follicle in september so i stopped. my last day was july 11. I slipped up around july 30-31 and hit a pipe 2x, mids. Nothing since then.
    I chose to use the jerry g method bc Im already a bleach blonde with a mermaid ombre. It seemed easiest and wouldn't raise suspicion.
    Beginning yesterday i did the following:
    Soaked my hair in a baking soda paste for 45 min, then washed with tide simply clean, using the hottest water i could stand. Then i followed with ion swimmers shampoo and conditioner.
    Today, i soaked my head in another baking soda paste/hot water. Rubbed in the remaining baking soda and put a shower cap on for 20 min. Then i rinsed MOST of it out using the hottest water i could stand. My scalp was on fire. Then i shampooed with tide simply clean and scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed and rinsed over and over using the hottest water i could stand. My hands and scalp were brought red and painful. Then i blow dried my hair so that the first 4 inches were completely dry. I then bleached my hair using quick blue (7 levels) and 40 volume developer. Put on a new shower cap. Left it on until my roots were almost white. About 45 min. I also used my hair dryer to heat my hair as hot as i could stand it while the bleach was on it, almost melting the shower cap. I lathered up the bleach with super hot water, then added tide simply clean and used that as a shampoo to wash it out. After that was rinsed all the way out, and i towel dried, i used a product made by Ion specifically designed to strip out the green from bleached hair caused by chlorine and left that on 20 min, and followed with the swimmers shampoo and conditioner. All of this has been done with super hot water. I finished with matrix conditioner that the 2nd ingredient is propylene glycol, the ingredient supposedly responsible for the effectiveness of zydot and TW. i rinsed that with luke warm water to give my scalp a break.
    Im going to repeat all of this two more times. And possibly do some of the Mac method too. I've already bought 5% cleaning strength white vinegar, 2% salicylic acid dandruff shampoo, milk of magnesia (has a much higher ph than baking soda bc im going for the biggest cuticle opening i can get). Im going to buy more of the matrix conditioner bc of its high propylene glycol content and it'll help my hair live a little. I've read that tide had aph similar to baking soda so i might skip it when i do the Mac method stuff.
    Im going to pay for my own test Friday to see where my levels are to begin with to know how hard core i need to go. Ill post actual numbers each time. If i could have afforded a control test in the Beginning i would have but being that i had already bleached dirty hair idk how accurate it could have beenfor virgin hair anyway.
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    I just bought this stripper total hair cleansing system with hair gel. I'm a heavy smoker and have a test in the morning at ten. The instructions say to use whole bottle in one cleaning and then use the hair gel. Just want to know if anyone have used this product before.
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    This is such a useful information. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Sally Wallace

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    Great info! I have already used two hair detox cleaning methods that you can do yourself at home using over-the-counter products.I am satisfied with that:
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    What about synergy detox toxin wash in place of zydot and tw?
    Rosemary oil ?
    Once the above system is completed is it permanent as long as no more smokes until after the test?
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    Do any women have experience with using this method ? I’ve heard not to use hair products for styling and to buy all new combs brushes and hair hot tools to use the day of the test. Any fees back from this would be greatly appreciated.

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