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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Xanthiar, Mar 15, 2011.

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    As most of you know already, Marijuana (THC) only sustains 24-72 hours at most in saliva, And asprin Does help with a Gc/Ms test.
    What most Don't know is taking a Cayenne pepper supplement will induce the production of saliva, hence pushing the THC through faster, So here's the method that worked for me,
    Smoked 6pm Sunday night, got called Monday morning for test (saliva)
    Took 2 Cayenne pepper supplement pills;
    Gargled with Hydrogen Peroxide 2 times;
    Brushed teeth/gums for about 1 minute, 1 time;
    Ate peanut butter sandwich 1 hour before testing ( The fat content redirects saliva to Digest)
    Brushed again;
    AND last but not least, took 1 asprin, and chewed and swished around for 30 seconds.
    And Passed! Im no doctor, but to everyone worried about the outcome of a Saliva drug test, fear not my friends, you can pass with ease (Only with THC)
    I do not personally condone Drugs like cocaine, meth, or other adulterated chemicals and I do not know if this method will help with these substances.
    But as was said before, Saliva is a Marijuana smokers best friend :)
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    Got proof? Please cite some linked sources.
    Got proof? Again, please cite some linked sources.

    We dont either because only cannabis can be discussed in these forums. All other types of drugs are off-topic and frowned upon by the forum PTB.
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    get him burnt toast,lol
  4. Newme

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    i passed one after 7 days,i didnt do most of that.i dont persoally think you have to.
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    Hey, I have to take a saliva drug test in a week and 2 days for my doctors appt (I see pain management from a severe back injury and they test my levels and for other drugs) Do you think I will be good and pass? What's the best amount of time to give myself to pass a saliva drug test? I'm not a heavy smoker, maybe like 4-6 blunts a month. Normal size. Nothing pleaseeeee :hippy::Rasta:
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    You'll be fine. Those tests are the easiest to beat. I did weed the day before and the morning of. My friend got a job there while high doing the drug test for Safeway.

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