pass piss test evrytime. (Not Really but a good discussion on Certo/Pectin)

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by BenDover5151420, Oct 19, 2007.

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    i agree its just dilution, ive had random drug tests for the past 5 years. i know people that use the certo method or some detox from the hindu store on the corner but its all dilution. in my experience drink lots of water, its the only way your gonna pass if you dont stop smoking, and its still not a guarantee. if you know they test for dilution make sure your creatine levels are up. as for color ive heard b vitamins but never worked for me when i just drank a shitload of water. nobody has ever asked me about clear urine but if they do , i only drink water simple as that.
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    how long does certo method last

    Heres, my issue. I just moved from Cali, where I had a Prescription for MJ, to the east coast. I'm currently looking for a new job and forgot how anal they are about drug testing on the east coast, especially for fortune 500 companys.

    I'm a daily smoker, but nothing over the top. Maybe 1 joint a day shared with my spouse. I smoked on Mon, my recruiter called me on tues and said I need to come in for a drug screen and background check. I freaked out and started my internet research on how to pass. I bought 2 home test the next day. Tried the first one and failed miserably for thc. Then I tried the certo route and passed. I have been able to delay my testing by bsing about my schedule and so now its been about 4 days. I also ran 5 miles and biked another 40 miles yesterday. Been drinking fluids like a ninja. I tested myself again today with a home test without using certo or any type of dilution. It was bright yellow. I passed again.

    What the hell does this mean?
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    How would you know how miserably you failed when home tests are only a "pass/fail" deal and lack the ability to yield a quantitative value, which would denote how bad a person has failed? :rolleyes:
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    wow really? so if I left that word "miserably" out you wouldn't have commented at all? I think I had you for english class in 3rd grade. Guess I should expect a lame response and nothing useful by posting on a pot site.
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    No because I would be repeating what I, FBR, and Iguana have stated throughout the thread in regards to Certo. Go back and re-read the thread.

    Well if thats truly the case, then why did you bother registering on this site in the first place? :rolleyes:
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    I have to take a drug test tom. at 11 am. I am def. dirty. I smoke everyday except for yesterday. I have taken the CERTO before and passed the test. I mixed one package of certo with Poweraide and think drink one bottle of water afterwards and I go to the bathroom often. I was instructed to drink it 2 hours prior to my testing. I passed the first 2 test but failed the 3rd one. I usually refrigerate it the night before but I wasn't able to on the last test. I was also instructed to drink one package the night before and then drank another one the following morning. WHat should I do????
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    The answer to that is simple: forget the Certo and read the Dilution sticky thread.
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    I am new here and I Googled how to pass a piss test. I was directed to this forum and so far I have seen more people saying that Certo works. I got up this morning and smoked. I am heavy smoker too, but I am only about 105 lbs ( I hear that matters) and I got a call at about 1:30 from work wanting me to come in and take a pee test. So I mixed one packet of Certo with a glass of water and downed it. Now I am working a half gallon of water also. I have about an hour or so left before I have to go take the test. So the time elapsed between drinking the Certo and taking the test will be around 2 hours. I hope it works and I will come back tonight to say if it does or not. I just want some quick advise. Should I keep drinking water up to the test? How much? Could I have something to eat or will that screw up the test?
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    And those people are merely assuming that Certo was the reason for their pass. (and you know what they say about "assumptions":rolleyes:).
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    that method has worked for many years in the truck driving profession HOWEVER if the check for adulterants they will find your creatine levels out of sync i failed my last one and am without a job for almost 2 years funny though the one i failed the MRO was ????? wtf also note that i had been randomed 2 times in the previous month by a different lab no problems dont know if this lab does it different or if now testing for that substance .:wtf:just a heads up
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    The labs dont check for the pectin product per se, they check the creatinine and specific gravity levels to see if a person had drank an overabundant amount of fluids in an effort to pass a U/A. Drinking gallons of water (whether mixed with the pectin product or not) before the U/A will cause the creatinine and SG to take a nosedive, resulting in a "too-dilute" ruling.

    Creatinine and SG checks are mandatory on all DOT tests.
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    Does anyone know if this works with THC along with other drugs?
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    Nope it doesn't work, so if you want to pass read the Dilution and Substitution threads at the top of the forum. Also, this a cannabis site and we don't discuss other drugs.
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    Ive done this and its worked many times. I love cannabis and smoke 5-6 blunts a day. I was on reporting probation, and had random drug testing. I had to call a number every day, and if they called my color (red) then i would have to piss. I had to do this at least 1-2 every week. I didnt use certo or pectin, i used SureGel, same thing. But how i did it, id call my number, if i had to go in then i would go to Kroger and get suregel and a purple gatorade (the big ones from gas stations). i would take a big ass drink to clear about 2" of room, and pour the suregel in. mix it all up (better if its warm). there will still be lots of clumps and shit at the bottom. i would drink this 1-2 hours before the test, and made sure to piss 3 times before i went, and take a water with me on the way and kill that on the way. then had to wait in the line and by then i feel like im gonna burst, then when i piss its clean every time. i went to jail in the end though, but only because i started saying fuck it and quit goin lol. they said if i went to jail for the 3months then they would take me off probation, and they did.

    It works for me!
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    Oh, please. What worked for you was the dilution factor thats associated with the pectin and not the pectin itself. :rolleyes:
    Stop trying to perpetuate the pectin myth.
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    i was going to do this until i saw FBR post.:thumbsup:
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    Calm down Doogie hauser

    FBR youre NOT a scientist or even a doctor i dont understand how everyone on here rather listen to you then do their own research. these guys are on here sharing their experieces and yes tryin to help people. i dont care bout the science i just want to know if it even works for anybody. i got a test in less than 24 hours and thanks to those guys i have a little hope of passing this test. i have also heard from my friends and fam that it works so im tryin it. and if people decide to risk their job, freedom, children etc. by smokin and failing then thats their fault not these guys
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    how do you know it doesnt? have you tried it?
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    how are you so sure? have you tried it?
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    Actually you dont have the slightest clue who you are dealing with. FBR is indeed in the health care field and is extremely knowledgable in human biology/physiology and has both the credentials and the sheepskin to back it up.

    While we are on the subject, what are your credentials? :rolleyes:

    Actually you dont have to take FBRs words at face value. Do your own research on human biology/physiology and how the body processes THC. Arent you in for a surprise.

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