pass piss test evrytime. (Not Really but a good discussion on Certo/Pectin)

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by BenDover5151420, Oct 19, 2007.

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    Tell ya what pal.... Why don't you be the test dummy here and try it out for yourself. Then come back and let us know how it went.
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    did anyone try it out? sounds like a challenge unmet to me!
  3. Burnt Toast

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    Everyone can try it out, yet the results will still be the same:

    Pectin product + water consumption = voila! dilution.
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    Piss test passed

    I was hurt several yrs ago on the job,i sat down several weeks ltr and finished smokin,and the phones rings,,the smoke was still lingering in the air.

    It was work,I was requested to take a piss test the next day at lunch time...several weeks after my injury they wanted a sample the next day!!

    I drank what felt like over a gallon of water,took the test the next day and kept my job.they were tryin to find something in me so I would loose my job,(it was their fault I was almost killed on the job),,they found nothing,,and I sue their azz off...

    water worked for me,and im a every day smoker,wat works for one may not work for another..
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    good for knowledge.........
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    thats the stupidest thing Ive ever heard........admin should delete this post. Its complete nonsense for anyone to think that "coating" the lining of the stomach will stop THC from being metabolized and discharged from the body through urine.......THC is released into the bloodstream by fat cells, the blood then is filtered through the kidneys and toxins are cleaned from the blood. Those toxins are then collected in the bladder for discharge by way of urine. The only thing this stupid post does is create the chance that anyone stupid enough to follow this line of thought will get popped.
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    I see a lot of people saying this works for them. I don't see how the fuck how. I am 5"10 210 lbs body builder 10% body fat most of the time. I eat 8 meals a day low fat clean calories and proteins so my metabolism is high as fuck. I use anabolics and i do full body heavy volume work outs every other day. My body is a fat burning machine and when my probation officer called and told me to come in a week for a piss test i bought 2 boxes of liquid certo and and did the whole spiel and then took 2 home drug tests. I failed both horribly. Now i will say, I've been smoking about an 8th a day for years but i quit for 48 hours prior to taking the certo so it shoulda worked….Any idea what i may have done wrong?
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  8. Burnt Toast

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    What went wrong was that you were a daily smoker "for many years". That, combined with your fat-burning activities too close to "test day" more than likely sent your THCA levels into orbit. Dilution techniques (regardless of configuration) can and will backfire if the THCA concentration in your bladder is too high. For most longtime daily users, it would be virtually impossible to dilute that concentration enough without overdiluting and sending up the red flags at the lab.

    Dilution techniques (again, regardless of configuration) are geared more towards light/moderate smokers with plenty of abstination time - the more the better. 48 hours of abstination just wont cut it, especially for longtime daily users.

    Read post #2 of the following thread below. There, you'll discover why fat-burning activities too close to the day of the test can be detrimental:
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    I have never tried this , but alot of people I know have, seems like a 50/50 chance of passing
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    One way to pass a piss test is to stop smoking pot for about three months.
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    Drug testing is the assessment of blood, urine, or different type of biological sample for determining the drug or drugs within the body of individual. It is imperative that the drug testing should be held at reputable and certified laboratory. Since nowadays there are home test kits also available for this purpose. As long as you talk about passing this test, everyone has own suggestion but as far as I have read, if you stop smoking pot for more than three months, you will pass the test easily.
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    I have a question, but first I'm going to "pay it forward" by describing my experiences with detox. First, my credentials, I have an MS in Molecular Biology from a Big Ten university, have a bibliography a mile long, have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 35 years, and have smoked longer than that, recently almost exclusively concentrates. I say this because credentials seem to be important in this forum, not to brag. I have had a successful career and don't need to, especially on an internet forum where anybody can be anybody.

    I have treadmilled several times a week for 2 months, but that has not produced a passing test (I was still smoking, though). That's not to say that it didn't help, or bring my levels lower than they would have been if I hadn't exercise, it just didn't produce a passing test. I also take Metamucil every day to keep the old bowels moving.

    So that having been said, I have read every entry in this thread. And I have come to the following conclusions:

    --Pectin, sure-gel, all that stuff......crap. It's the dilution. And I know for sure. I did the experiment. I swallowed two envelopes of Certa with just enough Gatorade to get them down. Gross. Failed. With 3 different home test strips. Downed as much Gatorade as I could and within an hour, pissed several times and passed. A few days later (see below) I passed on the Certa and just did the Gatorade and passed with the same three home test kits.

    --Niacin....crap. And I'm not putting my liver at risk for any job or drug.

    --The "coating the stomach" is more crap. Only things like Maalox and the like coat your stomach, but the stomach isn't the issue here, it's your kidneys and bladder.

    So here's what I did to pass. It's a variant on a common protocol on the 'net, and I wish I could credit the original author, but I don't have the bookmark anymore. I think his screen name was NR or something like that.

    1. A few days before I tested I started loading up on creatine capsules. I know I should have started sooner, and done a loading regimen, but these were home tests for my own education. I knew they were diluted. I took the creatine to simulate as closely as possible a real-world test. But more on that later.
    2. On the day of the test, I chugged 16 ounces of Gatorade (lemon-lime, if that matters).
    3. Every 15' after that, I chugged another 8 oz. Total of 48 oz. Gatorade. Along with these Gatorade drinks, I ate 1 B12 pill.
    4. During that hour, my piss turned clear, but I was confused because I thought the B12 was supposed to color the urine. But I pissed two or three times clear to detox.
    5. Every time I pissed I drank another 8 oz. of Gatorade and took another B12. Still clear
    6. When I had a little bit of Gatorade left, I went out and bought a high potency B vitamin mix that had at least 1000X the minimum daily requirement of B12 and B2 (riboflavin, which some claim is more efficient at coloring the piss). Got it at the vitamin section of a drug store, didn't have to deal with the dolts at GNC. Since it was my last Gatorade of the day, to speed up the uptake into my system. I put it in a pill grinder, mixed it with the Gatorade I had left and swallowed it, but kept as much under my tongue for as long as I could.
    7. A half hour later I performed all three home tests and passed, down to the 20 ng/ml level. And my piss was a beautiful piss-yellow. I'm sending it off to the lab, but I'm sure it will pass....IF NOT FLAGGED FOR DILUTION THROUGH THE CREATININE TEST.
    And that's where it stands now. The creatine I took is converted to creatinine which is what the body eliminates. This takes 24-48 hours. So my question is this: As I'm pissing out the toxins and all the other substances in my urine, why am I not also pissing out the creatinine which is also in my urine so that it will never show up when the sample is analyzed for it? If I am truly ridding my bladder and kidneys of cannabis toxins within a few hours, why am I not also getting rid of the creatinine which is also eliminated through the same route. I'm tempted to say that the whole creatinine thing is like the Certo, etc. myths, but labs are required to test for it on questionable samples, so there must be something I'm missing here, and I haven't found the answer

    Thanks much for any input.
  13. Mannishboy9

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    Forgot two things.....what I wrote are my experiences only, I take no responsibility for any else's results or anything that may happen by following the information in my post

    Second, in the original post, the OP recommended aspirin as a starting point. That was true a while ago when the test kits were called EMIT. That no longer does anything, as all test kits are EMIT II which is not sensitive to aspirin.
  14. tokenwiid666

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    hope this helps took ua at lab on 8/11/15

    yo i just took a pre employment drug screen at us health works using my mates clean pee and i passed barely....if u feel like you can pass when dilluting do it if not get ur mates clean pee the day before or the day of...recomend have him pee in a bottle in the parking lot of the place u are going for "best results"...i didnt do that i went to my buddys house last night got the sample from him put on ice immediatly for ride home put in fridge woke up had to be there at 8am what i did was boil water put a glass or ceramic bowl with luke warm water in boiling pot...put container of piss in bowl check temp every so often till its at about 98 degrees F get thermus put pee container in thermus and put boiling water in thermus so container is sort of floating there checked temp with thermometer...was a lill too hott so put on defrost vents on dash of car and blasted ac till it reached 98.7 deg F tapped hand warmer to container and placed in gooch between butthole and sack...waited 20fucking mins till i could give sample.....gave sample she said its a bit cloudy and almost regected it i told her i drink lots of soda and she let it a call 20 mins later stating my ua came back neg and everything went well...i used my buddys piss that was under 18 hours old hence why it was a bit cloudy but this method does work 100% at a lab just make sure the clean piss is not over 18 hours old and ur golden
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    I don't know why I found this funny
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    Use synthetix5 ive been smoking for a long time, seen the game change, from drinks to teas to thick ass juices. they all for short to this shit here. keep it warm and keep it hidden. the perfect thing for an unsupervised. quick and easy and it's worked twice for me. DOT and construction. one done at quest not sure about the other one. serious i promised id wite something if it worked, the stress is crazy. so it worked for me.
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    Hey Loves, I did the Certo Wednesday night with the Gatorade & plenty of water to see if it worked. I took a at-home test and it was Negative. So, the following morning I had a pre-employment drug test. I took Certo, but this time I was running late and didnt have time to stop & get a large water, but I had a new Lipton Green Tea in my car that I mixed it with. I had to drop my kids off to my aunt & hurry out, but I managed to grab a grap evergreen juice out her fridge to guzzle down on the way. I drunk the Certo & green tea at 7:30am & had a meeting at 9:15 (Manager was late). I got out the meeting at around 10:30am & I pissed twice while their. They gave me 15mins to make it to the lab for a UA and I feared the Certo time frame was up, so I grabbed the Ready Clean I had in my car & guzzled it down & also a Vitamin water I drinked while waiting for an hr at the lab..I need yall input..Do yall think I will pass my UA, cuz Ive been freaking out all night scared I messed up. Also, they ran a nicotine test but I stop smoking cigs 2 1/2 days before..Please share y'all thoughts. I dont ever plan on smoking again if I get this job..the money too good to fuck it up with weed..Help!! Feedback is needed..

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