pass piss test evrytime. (Not Really but a good discussion on Certo/Pectin)

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    If I would have known 2 months months ago that I would be getting hired for a good job where i had to be tested for drugs including thc that stays in your body 2 to 3 months i would have refrained from smoking way back 2 or 3 months ago. Obviously for most people here making a decent living is more important than smoking some pot. just to add my 1 cent here. however im not getting 2 months notice here for the test.
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    hi there i have a little dilemma here i have a test on friday afternoon also a medical exam at same time so smuggling fake or sub pee is out of the question. i have never had a pre employment or any test like this in my life have no idea what to expect. last time i smoked was thanksgiving weekend Canadian thanksgiving October 8th around. im so nervous because its a good job that i never have been fortunate to have ever before and i really dont wanna blow it over a piss test. i took a home test this weekend and fail 2 times. I smoke highest grade on weekends and sometimes evenings when stressful day. I get a little exercise when at work. does anyone know a fast and somewhat healthy way to pass this test?without messing with my health too much? i will be there for an hour the lady said.
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    THC is stored in fat cells and when burned off are excreted in your urine.

    Drinking tons of carbs will keep you from burning fat and pissing out the THC metabolites, this is how the “detox “ drinks work.

    They simply mask it for a short time, long enough to pass.
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    thanks for the info however they also test for detox drinks as well here they know all the tricks and if they find the same ingredients in your piss as in the detox drink they would mark it as adulterated and automatic fail. but i passed anyway at the clinic but the home test failed 4 times the home test was 15ng the clinic test was 50ng cut off. I did not take a detox drink but i did a cleanse for the previous 5 days beforehand. it was a 7 day cleanse but i took extra pills in 4 days and made myself very sick. id rather just not smoke any at all then ever have to go thru that again.
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    Cool, glad you passed.

    Ya I don’t smoke but once in a while because I get DOT random tested.

    It stresses me out every time and hardly worth it, the detox drinks etc work well though for light smokers
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    I need help but sorry if this is the wrong thread. Have a test next week and was a constant heavy user for 3 years. Quit for 14 days now. Just took a home test and Results are in the picture. Any ideas of how close I am. I plan on taking strip NC tomorrow to keep flushing out my system. It's not as clear as the other 3 drugs tested.

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    Buy some quick fix 6.2
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    That’s a fail, as much as you have been smoking you may need to substitute
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    You should have a really good chance of passing. It normally only stays in your system at the most 30 days.
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    When it comes to piss test. I trust synthetic urine. I already passed twice using it. Now I am confident to smoke even if we have annual examination to come. I think the one who examine our piss is not doing is job well. But we are lucky if that's the case. :D
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    I have sitting here reading soooo many responses to people asking if “Cero” works. I’ve read the argument tennis matches (no conclusions, just back and forth, back and forth). I have come up with a perfect solution to passing a drug screening. The only way you can, for a fact, be 100% sure that will have absolutely no problems passing a drug test is to not smoke pot. I’m saying pot because pot is the largest cause for a drug test failure. In all cases, the only way you can be sure you will pass any drug test is to not do ANY drugs! I use to smoke pot, I smoked every day. I loved it, BUT, when I went into the military I made sure I had plenty of time before I went in for the testing and I stopped. It’s said max 30 days but as I tend to be called OCD to over achieve I stopped two months before I went to processing. Guess what! I had not one problem with my urine test! I read all this bullshit about “Certo this” and “Certo plus Gatorade that”, but it’s all bullshit!! And if you have children who depend on you, and you have to worry about a drug test, well, then you’re selfish and should be ashamed of yourself. If you are on probation and worried about a drug test, LIGHT BULB, don’t smoke pot! If you are on probation, but still smoke pot and worry about a drug test then you deserve to go to jail or whatever your probation officer does to you. Every single person has some form of common sense. Every single person has the capability to say nah, I can’t. If you get in trouble and get put on probation the smart thing to do is put the pot smoking on hold for the year or two until you are done with probation! If you’re worried about a drug test for a possible job then you don’t deserve the job! It’s real simple. And ok, there are going to be some of you that say, “what the hell do you know? You have know idea what it feels like or how it feels!!” Guess what, you are 100% wrong! I personally struggle every single day with addiction. I know exactly what it feels like to withdraw, from hard drugs for that matter, not a drug that makes you, as Kat Williams puts it, “Sleepy, Happy, Hungry”. I have personally been through the vomiting violently for days, sometimes weeks. I have been down that road and I swore I’d never go back. I blamed the VA Medical for my addiction for years. But it wasn’t their fault. They didn’t hold me down and force feed me the drugs. They proscribed them and recommended that I take them but I took them, with no help. I am the reason why I have to fight every freaking day. I am the reason why I will, for the rest of my life, be like this. It sucks, and I hate it but, I know I have to go through this because I did this to myself, and I have not one regret about it. Ok, I’m sorry for that rant, I really am. I do understand every case is different. I do understand how hard it is to deal with peer pressure. But I also understand the only thing on this entire planet that will ever assist me in passing a drug test for whatever drug is me. I have made that choice and will continue to make that choice to never again blame anyone other than myself, worry about a drug test, have an anxiety attack about when and where I will get my next fix, and last and most certainly the most important thing is that I will never, ever again allow a substance determine how I feel or how happy I am. My family deserves better than that. I deserve better than that. I will never be that selfish again to put an addiction before anything else in my life. If you have a problem, please get help, REAL HELP, don’t look to these forums for an idea of what to do. Go see someone. Talk to your doctor, if you are a minor or an adult and your parents are still around, talk to them, or a guardian. You won’t get in trouble if you are truly asking for help. My mom worked at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for women. She knows everything that I have done in my past and she loves me to no end. My dad died before I could give him the opportunity to bless me with help. That gives me the one of only two regrets I have in my life. Again, I apologize for my rant, I care about each and every person that suffers with addiction and I even care about those who still refuse to take the blame for themselves but they’ll come around some day. Please forgive me for going on and on, it wasn’t intended to be like this. Lastly, if anyone is struggling, feels backed into a corner, thinks they have no one to turn to,and you just need an ear to listen to what you have to say or an eye to read what you write, look me up. I won’t judge. I might tell you things you don’t want to hear. I won’t sugar coat anything. But what I will do is make you two promises. I don’t talk to others about anyone but myself and I absolutely guarantee that I will care about you. That’s more than most treatment center personnel can say. Again, I am really sorry for this essay!
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    I agree with that statement about the government and how that have no regard for MJ research. They will though. MJ has grown from a 5 billion dollar a year industry to a 150 billion dollar a year industry. (No, those aren’t quoted specific dollar amounts) With the enormous amounts of revenue in the MJ industry, the government is rapidly becoming more and more interested in it. They just want to figure out how to better regulate it and control it to maximize their tax revenue from it. Then once they figure that out, you’ll see a huge change in governmental opinion towards MJ.
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    LOL!! And you just randomly troll weed sites for kicks??
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    I absolutely find your response to that comment awesome! In my opinion if you don’t have “thick skin” or get offended easily, and also have less than a high speed, razor sharp wit about you then these forums should be avoided. But that response about made me tip over my chair. Awesome job. The fact of the matter is, it means nothing. The only thing you can count on for sure is time and hydration. Everyone is different and all metabolisms were not created equal. The best thing you can do, is wait it out (if you can financially). I do hold a strong belief for the old phrase, “Good things come to those who wait”. You know your body. When your ready, you’ll know it.
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    Wow, good one. No. I don’t just troll weed sites. If you read what I wrote then you’d see that I said I am an addict. (Whether it’s weed or whatever other drug, I’ve done so I have just as much right as you to post on this “weed site”). So I read and if I have an opinion then I write, whether you agree with that opinion or not means means no more to me then the turd I left in the toilet while I wrote that. So, good job, you use sarcasm to cover up whatever you are dealing with instead of facing it. I get it, I use to use sarcastic and immature comments, probably, though, the difference is that I didn’t get offended when someone wrote something that I couldn’t comprehend or something that made me realize how bad I screwed up. But still, if you need to talk to someone then hit me up. I have a lot of experience in a lot of things talked about on this “weed site”. I might just tell you something that could help you.
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    I don’t even smoke weed but once in a blue moon, here is some free advice I will give you.... since your a “recovering “ addict I suggest you “visit” sites other than drug sites.

    But your trolling abilities are pretty good so let’s keep this going hahaha
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    Ok, we can keep it going. I am an addict and I am recovered, that is correct, and you think that But that last reply just sounded like an admission of you “trolling”. I would love to talk to you about what ever.
    Why are you sooo, insistant on messing with my post when there are so many other posts that make some of the same statements? Is it because you haven’t the slightest clue what the definition of the term “trolling” means, or the obvious answer would be that you have been accused of trolling by someone who has an astute sense of thinking and who actually knows what the definition of the term “trolling” is? I’m betting it’s the second one, and now since misery loves company you are “trolling” these posts to find someone who is willing to submit to your sarcasm and imbecilic antics. (Sorry if the big words in this are confusing) However, there are four reasons why I will not get into this back and forth with you. 1. I don’t feel that I have a need to debate or explain why I write posts (of my own opinion) on sites that you so unwittingly admitted to having less right to being in than I do. I have helped more than a few people with what I know and with what I have experienced in my life. So when I see someone throwing out sarcasm and false accusations, I see a person, that for some reason or another is hurting, deep down inside and, they are, unbeknownst to themselves crying for help but their brain is virtually obsolete due to their plight that they don’t even realize it. Number 2. I do have other things in my life that I care about more than sitting here reading the idiocrasies created by your shallow thoughts and overactive insecurities. Number 3. I cant help someone who hasn’t the slightest clue that they need help, example, you for instance. You are a psychologist wet dream and you are utterly clueless to the fact. Number 4, and finally, I refuse to get into a back and forth with someone who, by definition is trolling, especially when there are others that could benefit from a good, educated conversation with someone who actually cares about others, has experience in what they are going through and unlike you, doesn’t see the relevance in using immature sarcasm and simpleminded accusations. So with that said, have a good night, I hope whatever it is you have going on, that is causing you to hide behind your disrespectfulness and of course your keyboard, that you gain some insight and well being to address your issues properly and constructively. When that happens and you need someone to talk to, remember our confabulation and send me a message. Until then, you’ll just have to be content being completely unarmed when you enter a battle of whits. Because most conversations don’t consist of sarcasm or misthought definition of trolling. It’s probably almost your curfew anyways so you might want to get off your computer before you get grounded from your Xbox, play station, comic books or whatever it is you do when you aren’t in middle school. Again, there has been a quite prolific use of big words in this reply so I apologize if the obsolete ball of dryer lint and goat semen between your ears has gotten overloaded with frustration due to the failure of comprehension. I see that in a few people who get offensive when they are confused. It’s ok though. I’m sure you’ll grow out of it eventually, well, ok maybe not but still, when you are ready to have some good, respectful banter, let me know. Otherwise, have a good night.
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    Damn... you are completely full of your self, you are like that church nut that has to push himself off on everyone he or she meets.

    A couple quick points ... 1 , nobody likes a quitter.

    2 how the hell did you end up I’ve here? Be honest !

    3 Believe me .. I don’t need your help or advice, but if you need to talk let me know. Maybe I will help you.

    People like you crack me up, you screw up your life and then see the light.

    After that you think you know all the answered and have to push your BS on everyone you run into.

    Give it a break bro
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    Response to the idiot

    Give it a break? See, you excentuate my point. I didn’t screw up my life, I learned from my mistakes. However I am educated and I have taken a few psychology classes in college and just so you know, you could have your picture in there as examples of more than a few conditions. Your “2” is, well, basically incoherent and has no basic meaning. But with my education in grammar along with several other courses I was able to decipher your mumbo jumbo. The reason why I am in here is not at all any business of a snide, self loathing punk like the one who has made it his goal of the day to insult me, only to make themselves even more intellectually incompetent. And, if people like me, who try and actually help others with advice based on actual relevant experience in a topic, crack you up then why are you getting upset. Because clearly, you are agitated. Is it the big words again? You can be honest. Well, if big words confused me, I don’t think I would be honest about that either. Now, I never claimed to be all knowing, however, I never claimed to be something I’m not. But you on the other hand who, “smokes pot every once in a blue moon”, think you have the right to tell me that I shouldn’t be on a site even though I have more experience and knowledge of these forum’s main topic in my left nut then you will ever have. Wait, now don’t take that as a challenge. Nobody wants to see a sarcastic, unintelligent, imbecile doing something that will only hurt themselves. It is people like you that I enjoy with your, “don’t confuse me or I’ll get mad and even have a more sarcastic attitude”. It’s the people like you that think in their minuscule minds that they can do anything they want and say whatever it is they want to anyone but, they only make themselves out to becoming the butt of future jokes and lessons to kids going in that direction of what not to do. Oh, if I ever wanted any help on how to be a disrespectful, unknowing, garbage talking, disruptive, fake,,, I’ll look you up but I’m pretty sure that by the time that happens, you will have probably done something you thought was funny but was actually stupid and end up wearing diapers in some prison somewhere. One can only hope that you aren’t an influence to some unsuspecting kid that has a chance for brilliance only to find themselves dumbed down during a five minute conversation with you. Because then, they will have no shot at an intellectual future. At least there is some sanctity in knowing that everyone has a choice and they hopefully will make the choice to start laughing when you start emitting your verbal diarrhea instead of showing interest in what is splattering out of your thoughts. So, go keep proving my other reply and get more aggravated because there was something in this reply was probably over your head. I don’t know it all, I definitely don’t claim to know it all, so I have only to offer interest and respect for others and you can’t really push that on anyone. Now, it’s late, I know when people get insulted mentally they have a tendency to get tired so you are probably exhausted. So to everyone else in this forum, I wish you all a good night and good luck in whatever tomorrow brings your way. WH-PH-PH!! And to my little buddy, thank you for a fun and enjoyable conversation. I had a good time. Oh, don’t forget to look up the word “trolling” so you can attempt to understand its definition. That way, the next time you want to accuse someone of trolling, you can actually not be the pot calling the kettle black. I’m betting though that you probably won’t have time because you actually have made yourself out to resemble one of those protestors who burns their own possessions just to get a point across on a subject you have absolutely no knowledge about. You seem like someone who would embrace that.
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    Did they not teach you what a paragraph was in college? Haha your too much dude, I don't have time for idiots so late!!

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