pass piss test evrytime. (Not Really but a good discussion on Certo/Pectin)

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by BenDover5151420, Oct 19, 2007.

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    I'm 28 y/o male, 6'0'' about 260 lbs. Not very fat, just have a very broad build but some stomach fat. I haven't smoked weed in years until around the end of July of this year I started doing it pretty regularly for a month/month and a half. (8th a week)

    Well things got hairy at my current job so while I started looking for anew obviously I stopped smoking. I ordered at home tests to keep track of where I was week to week, (it's been years but from what I remember before I'm clean inside 30 days, granted I wasn't as heavy)

    I tested positive on the at home tests up until my 25th day, first void, and every test thereafter has been negative as well. Well on day 36 I got a call back from a background check and was good to go for a drug test. Basic, non regulated, the lady didn't even check temp. I went in all natural with no prep cause I want to get out of the place I'm in ASAP.

    I stay pretty hydrated so my urine was pretty light. Hoping those home tests didn't play a trick on me!
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    I passed like ten dipstick tests for probation using certs method . I drank BOTH packs. Now since I got a new p.o. she sends it to the lab. 2 diluted in a row. Now I'm going to jail for a weekend. I'm 6 days clean with 12 days till I pee again. I can't dilute. Gotta get CLEAN. IM 5'7 weigh 140, and I'm 33 years old. Been working out like crazy. Passed 2 home tests today but with a very feint pink line.
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    I just take niacin 500mg 2 to 3 dys before a piss test and I've never failed. Its a vitamin B supplement that detoxifies your body system. Sucks because you'll be itchy for a few hours. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night the first day and drink h20. All 3 days hope this helps someone

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