pass your drug test the safe way (facts, myths and passing them safely)

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by museikfreak65, Oct 16, 2004.


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  1. museikfreak65

    museikfreak65 Registered


    This will be a VERY lengthy post and for those who have read my previous posts avoid the eyestrain - but if you are new here and want to know the safest way to pass a drug test - I will fill you in on everything I have gathered regarding the matter over the years and what worked for me. I have done a lot of research on the matter and have a rather good understanding of how the process works from the lab side as well. I do not claim to be any type of expert, I just am very good at gathering information and have used the information to my own benefit.

    Lets start with how a drug test works (I am strictly talking about urine tests, as they are still the most common, hair and blood good luck, if you smoke you will fail).

    When you take a urine test, a number of things are being check to determine if you are a user they are as follows: ph, temperature, creatin levels, and color of sample but at least that one can be easily explained away a urine sample isn't always going to have color but it may make a good lab wonder and they will run even further tests on the sample that will find metabolites.

    All labs operate differently, so when you go in you may or may not know what to expect, and the lab employees are just people, some people do a good job some do not, you also may or may not be supervised, if you are on probation good chance you will, for a job usually they do not as they are trying to respect the privacy of the individual, but you just never know.

    What is the lab actually looking for (I'm also only discussing weed here, don't give a sh!t about white drugs, think they are pure garbage and I could care less if someone get caught using them).
    The lab is not testing for THC (myth #1) what they are looking for are metabolites. Metabolites is the byproduct of THC consumption and is stored in fat tissues, for most urine tests if you have under 50ppm of metabolites in your system it will pass.


    MYTH #1: I haven't smoked for X number of days so I should be okay.

    In some cases that is very true, it depends on a number of things, body fat, metabolism, and your body chemistry. A very active person, with very low body fat and eats regularly should be able to get the metabolites out of their system very rapidly, however a person with a very slow metabolism can store metabolites in their sytem for up to roughly two months but in most cases if you haven't consumed for 30 days you should be fine any less time really depends on the individuals personal body chemistry. THERE IS NO FIXED RULE each persons body is different so the time frame is really different from person to person, generalizing is nice and a lot of sites do but it doesn't make it the case for each person. It really depends on how quickly your system purges the metabolites.

    MYTH #2: Drinking lots of waters days before my test will get the meabolites out of my system.

    Drinking water DOES NOTHING to remove the metabolites from your system, the only thing drinking lots of water does is dilute your urine sample the day you are tested so they register under 50ppm, thats it, period - quite frankly it isn't all that great for your bladder to flood your system continously.


    These products are a pure waste of money, they are preying on desperate people and should not be allowed to operate - some will work a lot do not - you guess which ones do - theres an easier way and I for one am not to willing to put my faith in corperate America - plus the labs continuosly monitor these product and are also looking for the additive they use - if found in your sample you fail even if the metabolites do not show up - additives are even worse because they have a tendency to effect ph and if they are not the proper temperature when you give your sample they know the sample has been tampered with, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!

    MYTH#4: Cannibus is physically addictive!

    What a load of crap, this is the garbage drug counsellors like people to believe, but then again they treat all drugs as being the same and they are not - I have found no factual eveidence to support this including government studies, matter of fact a number of studies show it is not physically addictive, including some of the government ones, but they don't like the general public knowing that - cannibus can be psycologically addictive but there is nothing to support in any way that it is physically addictive. Really not smoking is a matter of will, simple as that


    Fact #1: Substitution of a urine sample with a clean sample will definitly work IF the temperature is correct when you give the sample, if you aren't being supervised you can get away with it, If you are well I wish you luck. BUT I REPEAT the temperature must be correct!

    A side note - when you take a test most good labs color toilet water and turn off the water to the sink and tape the lid to the toilet tank cover so diluting you sample with tap water is very difficult but thats your choice if you want to risk it and temperature is still an issue. Also I understand a couple of drops of dried bleach on the fingertips will work, however many labs have learned this and make you rinse your hands before you test - so once again the choice is yours - I'm not much of one to take my chances with luck on something like this.

    There is NO KNOWN product that will remove the metabolites from your system, Teas, water chemical, vinegar. NONE OF THEM REMOVE METABOLITES all they do is dilute your sample so the metabolites register under the prescribed levels they are testing for. The only factual information I have ever been able to confirm is hard exercize because it burn the fat cells that store the metabolites, time and abstinance, just smoking one bowl will register, If you smoke it will be in your system simple as that, for as long as YOUR particular body stores them.

    ONE THING HERE! - If you are doing hard exercise to get them out of your system, stop as much physical activity as possible 2 days before the test or they will definitly show up in your sample.



    Step 1: Stop SMOKING as many days as possible before your test (another side note, I said this would be a long post) WHEN I SPEAK OF SMOKING THAT INCLUDES INGESTION OF WEED IN ANY FORM, I JUST USE THE TERM SMOKING BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST COMMON METHOD OF INGESTION, allow a minimum of two days preferably a week. And for those of you on probation, really if you value your freedom I would just leave it alone, but it's your life.

    Step #2: If possible increase your creatin level within two days of your test - this can be done a couple of ways (creatin is a chemical that increase muscle development, muscles develop from the inside out and the higher your creatin level the faster they develop) red meat and fish consumption will increase creatin levels, sexual activity also helps, you can consume lots of red meat and fish to boost your levels or it can be done artificially (if you are concerned about the increased cholesterol levels from consuming the meat and fish) GNC sells a product called Creatine follow the instructions and excess creatine in your system will be urinated away, and I haven't found any information that states it does harm to your system. If you are using Creatine just follow the instructions up till you take your test. The reason you want to increase your creatin level is a lot of labs are checking that the levels of Creatin in your system are high enough, if they are too low its a potential sign you have diluted your sample.

    Step #3 If you know when you are going to be tested allow yourself a good five hour head start, drink as much water as you can handle then drink even more and keep drinking as much water as you possibly can when your urine is clear with no sign of color you'll be in good shape but keep drinking the water and don't stop until your test.

    Step #4 about 2 hours before your test take vitamin B-12 either through a multi-vitamin or just B-12 take about three times the daily allowance - it will be on the ingredient label how much the daily allowance of B-12 you are taking - this will help keep the samples color more natural looking and the lab won't be suspicious of dilution - allow two hours because the neon yellow appearance will be much less after two hours and the sample will look more natural - It's purely for color and it will increase your energy level.

    Step #5 keep drinking water till your test - NEVER GIVE YOUR FIRST URINATION OF THE DAY FOR A URINE TEST - of course if you are following these steps it won't be possible unless you have a 2 gallon bladder - NOW it seems there are two school of thought on where in the urine stream to give your sample - in the experiments I ran both mid-stream and the beginning of the urine stream worked thats a matter of personal preference and a matter of if someone is observing when you do it, you me it did not seem to make a difference.

    I did all of the following steps and easily passed - the next day I kept taking the creatine - but did not consume water maily because I just wanted to know, and I tested dirty the very next day, and I hadn't smoked for almost three weeks, but my metabolism is very slow cuz I eat like crap, I have a fairly athletic build and am rather active, more than most from what I'm told - but I still tested dirty.

    One final word on the subject - Bear in mind nothing is a guarantee except for having a metabolite free system but these steps do work and have worked for many others and seems to be the safest way I've been able to find to do it.

    I won't be hanging around here much anymore, but please if this is helpful keep sharing it with others and keep this post available to others. Hopefully you find it useful, and by all means use the information to inform others.

    Good luck all,

    Be Well
  2. peji

    peji Registered+

    :cool: Thxs for sharing & indeed this should help others. Good Luck w/ ur job & come back soon :)
  3. ickivicki

    ickivicki Registered+

    oh man, you know.. no one is going to read this and keep posting " I smoked X days ago.. when will I be alright?" posts.

    lmao. It's a newbie thing. even I fell victim to it.
  4. museikfreak65

    museikfreak65 Registered

    Really I don't care if they do, it's really their choice, I just put the information out, really it is all quite findable if you are willing to take the time to read, and if they can't figure it out from the title of the post, then I guess they really don't care if they pass or they are too lazy to bother, in any event I only put it there as another source of information and like all information it is easy to find if you really want it.

    Be Well
  5. chillin n tx

    chillin n tx Registered

    dude i have personal experance with having to give a urine sample about 4 hours after smoking a bowl , i was called into the office and when i went there they told me to go to the docs office to give a sample , i played it cool as soon as i left the office i went to the bathroom and started chugging water until i was semi pissing out no color from my piss, i had like 2hrs before i actually gave them a sample so i was lucky, but water worked like a charm........
  6. buddha

    buddha Registered+

    There are some pills you can take that will flush out your system but after a while of using the same ones they can stop working. And they completely flush out your sytem but you everything else you said is good advice.
  7. adammiami

    adammiami Registered

    The best drug test solution

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  8. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    WHiz Clean doesn't work. Its the dillution that does it. Great post freak. The only thing I see that needs a little work is Step 3. You need to be careful about fluid intake. Aproximately 48 ounces of a sport drink during a 3 hour period is about the most you want to do. And even at the level some people may get a negative dillute.
  9. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

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  10. Jerry G

    Jerry G Registered+

    What pills?
  11. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    This thread is nearly 5 years old, Jerry. Its doubtful that youre going to get a response from buddah for that he hasnt posted in the forums since 2006.
  12. Jerry G

    Jerry G Registered+

    Threads over 30 days should be locked...
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  13. stinkyattic

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    Thou shalt not bump antiquated posts to spam your product... especially not if you are going to serve it without eggs and toast, or at least some Tabasco sauce.... buh bye...
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  14. Daytona4

    Daytona4 Registered+

    The teat

    I rated it fair. My experiences are that:

    1) Water does dilute for a test. I had a friend that sucked down lots of water 12 hours prior to a test and he passed.

    2) Results are effected by quality and quantity you smoke in a short time frame. Casual users have passed a test after 7 10 days.
  15. drunknhigh63

    drunknhigh63 Registered

    even though this thread is going for 10 years old now, i put it to the test today. followed it to the T, and i passed 3 times in a roll. i tested before i went in to my pre employment and passed, and im pretty confident that i will pass the pre employment test. the only thing is that after a while i was getting headaches from all the water but found that if you drink a sports drink, it will help and wont affect the outcome.

    but all in all, thanks for the info. i got to admit, i went in to a headshop and threw away $40.00 for a stupid "magic pill" that had vitamin b12 and creatine and a bunch of herbs... yeah... i know... i laughed about it when i came across this information after i bought the dang pill.
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