Passed Many Home Tests - Still Worried about Lab Test

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by zman1, Mar 30, 2018.

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    Hi All,

    I've read pretty much all relevant posts but would just like to share my recent saga of home tests.

    I smoke fairly infrequently. Perhaps a 2-3 times a week, usually less than .1g out of a water pipe. My last smoke was 3/14. Before that week I was smoking much less frequently.

    3/16, I tested myself with an Easy@Home (50ng/mL) test from Amazon with some dark urine, second void of the day. Not trusting the tests I went out and bought two First Check (50ng/mL) tests. Failed the first, drank some water and passed the second.

    3/20, did another First Check with dark urine and got a very dark line.

    3/23, did another First check, first void of the day, dark line.

    3/25, did a THC Check 20ng/mL, around 9pm, hadn't had anything to drink since 1pm. Nice solid line.

    3/27, THC Check 20ng/mL and got a nice solid line around 3pm with minimal dilution.

    3/28, First Check (50ng/mL), first void, dark line.

    3/30, First Check (50ng/mL), first void, dark line. Also did a √úTest multi-level (lowest 15ng/mL) and got nice lines on all levels, could easily be seen/photographed.

    3/30 (Today): 16 days since last smoke. Lab test around 9:30am. Drank 30 or so ounces of Gatorade at 5am, not drinking much after that. Had two Tums at 5, 6, and 7 am to increase specific gravity as well as creatine for the past few days (around 10G per day). Urine given was a nice yellow (no B2) but somewhat lighter than first void.

    I'm wondering what are the chances of these home tests all being inaccurate? I have an average or above average metabolism, probably around 20% or less body fat. Active, but have been lazy all week.

    I probably overdid it, but I'm worrying seeing a number of posts of people who have failed lab tests after passing home tests. Any thoughts appreciated.
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    Sounds like your good to go. Good luck
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    You have nothing to worry about

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