Passed Urine Test Today. So easy!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by halfbreed23, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. halfbreed23

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    It's all about substitution. A collector can't watch you pee unless it's Military or Court Ordered!

    Had my wife pee for me this morning. Took one of those 2 oz Energy Shot bottles and rinsed it out really well. On the way to the lab I picked up a cup of hot water from a gas station. I also brought a thermometer. I dipped the 2 oz bottle into the water for 7 seconds and it read 100 degrees. I then placed the bottle under my scrotum. I wore two pair of tighty whiteys so that it would stay in place.

    Your body provides natural warming which is important because the lab tests that the temperature is between 90-100 degrees of the sample.

    Since the collector couldn't observe I just emptied the bottle into the cup and that was that.

    I even smoked a bowl on the way to the test and a celebratory blunt on the way home from the test!

    Don't let a test stress you! It's easy! They can't observe so you substitute. I have smoked heavily for some time and know that dilution wouldn't likely work for me.
  2. jeffman

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    Congrats and welcome to the sub club...:thumbsup:
  3. mjmomma

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    lack of equipment

    That's all fine and well, and I'm glad to hear that you passed your test, however: for those of us who are lacking the hiding place that you used (i.e. scrotum), do you think that a tight bra and hiding the bottle under the breast would work in the same way? :detective1:
  4. killerweed420

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    Its the only way to go. Congrats.
  5. stinkybudz

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    mjmomma, either that, or in your vagina, but if you do go the boob route, make sure it doesnt appear theres a 2oz or so bottle under there
  6. suzieque

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    Congrats halfbreed23!

    mjmomma: we (females) are the ones with the good hiding place...
  7. Zompton

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    A woman is complaining sub is harder for them then men? Put it in your vagina, its the perfect size and temperature, plus it like really really hidden, jeez that's so easy!
  8. mjmomma

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    Errr....problem: the only thing I can bear to put inside my vag is my husband. I'm not going to be graphic, but items such as tampons and toys are rather unhealthy and unsanitary. Stuffing myself with a bottle of urine is not an option for me due to the certain exposure to internal germs and chemicals.

    Besides: I think I'd rather actually FAIL a drug test than to somehow end up with horrific luck and getting a small bottle of someone else's pee stuck in my hoo-haw.

    I have the possibility of a test coming up and I think I'll probably put the clean specimen inside a condom instead of a bottle and tuck it under my bosom...time shall tell. (wish me luck) :thumbsup:
  9. suzieque

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    the only problem with the bra is you'll have the same problem as the men with keeping the temp. you'll need to practice to see how long you can keep a temp above 94. If you are quick to do the test, you'll be fine. When I was at LabCorp, I waited over an hour in the waiting room. Of course, where I had it stashed, it was at a constant 98 degrees, so I had no worries. I can just imagine sitting there knowing the temp is dropping every 5 minutes you have to wait. Practice and you'll be fine.
  10. wackyone

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    One long does urine 'stay fresh' after getting your sample from someone?

    My luck I would get the sample from my friend in the morning and I would not get tested till the afternoon. Will that be ok??

    I realize I have to keep the sample within 94 - 100 degrees during that time but I am assuming keeping it my crotch (I'm female) will keep that temp)
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  11. suzieque

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    If you get the donation and use it the same day, it will be fine.

    Otherwise you'll want to refrigerate it (for up to 2 weeks) or freeze it (for up to a year).
  12. mjmomma

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    Thanks Suzie Q!!!!!
    that's exactly what I was wondering! ;)

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