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    This is my experience in passing a Quest Diagnostics UA Drug test for a UR Drug Screening 6405N SAP 550 GC/MS.

    I recently graduated from college and within about 5-6 weeks got a great job offer. I started smoking in college my sophomore year and after that first year I became a heavy user. Smoking everyday several times a day for about 3 years straight. I quit smoking after Christmas to prepare for the chance that I would be tested for a job. I took about 3 at home drug tests during this period, failed the first one and passed the second 2 with a very faint line. I was scared that even though they considered that "passing" that I still had THC in my system. I went clean for 38 days (total) before I did another test (2-days before my pre-employment drug test), this time I purchased two at home drug test kits one for me and one for my friend who gave up smoking a couple years ago. Just as I feared would happen, I got a very faint line again saying I passed and he (who hasnt smoked in years) got a very Dark line saying he passed. Which made me paranoid that if Quest sent the sample to a lab that had a THC cutoff of 15ng/ml would detect the THC in my system as opposed to the 50ng/ml mark on the at home tests.
    I read everything on the internet, downloaded the "Under the Radar" pdf book on dilution and researched every other option possible. This was before I had any idea that I was going to be tested at Quest. I read many posts that said it was super easy to substitute urine from a friend or synthetic. So thats what I did.
    I know how tormenting and nerve racking it can be to be unsure of taking a drug test for the first time and how to make sure you pass no mater what. If there is anything I learned in college, its how to cheat.

    So what I did is I had my buddy fill up some piss for me the morning before he went to work, I had about 45ml. We were on a tight schedule so I couldnt get any more from him. I added about 5-10ml of water and got it into a small travel purell bottle that I cleaned the day before. And purchased some hand warmers that you get for gloves when you ski or snowboard. I also bought a digital thermometer to test the temperature. I was in a time crunch so I had to think fast. When i got my buddy's sample to my house the temp had dropped to about 88 degrees. So I popped it in the microwave for 10 seconds which got the temp up to about 105-106. I strapped two heat packs on it and drove to Quest. Testing the temp to see if it was dropping and how slowly. I got to quest in about 15 minutes and in the parking lot tested the temp one more time and it was about 99-100 degrees. So I took off one thermal hand warmer then shoved the bottle in my pants. Oh yeah, I also wore two pairs of boxer briefs and rolled up the leg holes into the bottom one so just incase nothing would fall out. I walked in, had to wait about 10 minutes and was asked if I had anything in my pockets. She let me keep my wallet and phone and made me take off my jacket. Put me in a bathroom told me not to flush and fill up to the 60ml line or the whole cup if possible. I immediately locked the door and took out my bottle and carefully and quietly dumped my buddy's urine into the container (like a beer) so that it wouldnt make any weird sounds. I was so nervous I could barely pee and could only squirt out a little bit and added a few drops of my own urine to make it to the 60 ml line. I brought it out the temp was good and she dumped a sample into a test tube and then dumped the rest in the toilet.

    I made small talk, signed a paper and she sent it off no problems.

    One post recommended you practice with the temperature as much as you can with water, and that is what I did the day before. Bought 4 packs of hand warmers and tested walking around my house with the bottle in my pants, seeing how the temperature varied and how much it would drop once it left the bottle. REMEMBER THAT. Once you transfer the liquid from the bottle which measures at 98 degrees its about 94 degrees in the cup.

    Some other tips so you dont have to fish around. Its better for your sample to be too hot than too cold. If too hot you can slightly blow on it or swirl it and it each swirl or blow will drop the temp a degree or so.

    Practice. Practice. Practice. You dont want any surprises. I took the test today and feel as it went easy as pie. If I dont repost. It means I passed.

    Thank you. Internet! :thumbsup:
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    Some things to keep in mind in the future:

    - Even though their cutoff thresholds numerically differ, a 50 ng assay is functionally equivalent to the 15 ng GC/MS. Their cutoff thresholds numerically differ is because the assay recognizes all 31 metabolite concentrations combined, while the GC/MS recognizes only one metabolite concentration.

    THC enters the body in its ingested form and exits the body as 31 different metabolite concentrations. The most prevalent of these concentrations is THC-COOH.

    In order to test negative on the assay, the whole combination of the 31 metabolite concentrations must register below 50 ng.

    In order to test negative on the GC/MS, only that one metabolite concentration (the THC-COOH metabolite concentration) must register below 15 ng.
    The cutoff is set numerically lower to make the two types of tests functionally equivalent.

    - There is no meaning attributed to the intensity of a line on a home test or any other instant assay. Even synthetic urines (which contain no drug metabolites at all) can produce a faint line on an assay.

    A faint line is still a negative. Even if an untrained tech were to misinterpret a faint line as a "non-negative", and sent the sample to the GC/MS for confirmation, the sample would still come back as a negative.
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    hey burnt toast are there 15 ng/ml assays that test for all 31?
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    Never heard or seen an assay with a 15 ng limit.

    All Immuno's and other assays recognize the whole combination of the 31 metabolite concentrations simply because of their non-selective method of function.
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    Mr. Toast is right. The EMIT/EIA 50 ng/ml cutoff is functionally equivalent to the GC/MS 15 ng/ml cutoff. The GC/MS is not more likely to come up positive.

    Also, the lightness/darkness of your test line is not indicative of more/less drug metabolite concentration. If you can see the line, you're negative.

    What the lightness/darkness really indicates are the pre-determined cutoff levels. The line on a marijuana test is very light because it's only looking for a small concentration (50 ng/ml)... whereas a drug that needs a higher concentration (say, 1000 ng/ml) will usually show a relatively darker test line when you pass.

    You can drop a 5-panel home test in clean urine and the THC line will almost always come up far more pale than the other drugs.
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