Passing a urine test in 6 days

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by justbritt, Feb 16, 2012.

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    So I usually smoke everyday, but I'm anticipating a court-ordered urine test on the 22nd so yesterday I smoked the last of my weed and I'm ready to cold-turkey it until the 23rd. Can I take one niacin pill of 250mg a day with a shitload of water and be clean for the 22nd? And if possible, is there any other way to be clean in a week without having to use niacin? (I took niacin for the first time yesterday and I'm really hoping there's another way to clean the thc out quickly, anyone who has taken niacin knows exactly what I mean.)
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    there are alot of veriables regarding how long it takes to clean out your age, weight metabalism all play big rolls. are you going to court or have they already told you your gitting tested
    eather way id get the fake stuff
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    I'm going to a substance abuse evaluation and they have not directly said to me that I will be tested, I'm just expecting it because I was arrested on misdemeanor drug charges so why wouldn't they test me, you know? Anyway, anyone else have any helpful information for me on using niacin to pass a urine test?
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    Niacin is an ancient myth. A myth that still persists today because of people who had taken niacin before passing a U/A. The niacin was wrongly credited for their passing when the real hero was the copius amounts of water that theyve drank with niacin which, in effect, diluted the THC metabolite concentration in their bladder enough to where the urine sample registered a negative on the drug screen. These people wouldve passed anyway just on the waterloading alone and without the niacin to go with it.

    Its all about the water.

    And drinking a bunch of water days or weeks before a U/A is of no help. THC is not water soluble like other types of drugs - its fat soluble. THC is stored in the fat cells and remain there until the fat cells are burned for energy. Therefore you cannot "wash" or "flush" THC from the fat cells like you can wash dirt off of your car. It does not work that way.
    When fat cells are burned, the stored THC metabolites are released back into the bloodstream. From there, the kidneys filter the THC metabolites from the bloodstream and are deposited into the bladder for the eventual exit. The rate in which the THC metabolites are filtered from the bloodstream by the kidneys is unaffected by fluid consumption.

    Drinking fluids is only helpful on the day of the U/A. The purpose of drinking water is to dilute the THC metabolite concentration that is present in the bladder in the hoping that the urine sample would register below the cutoff thresholds of the drug screen. This dilution phenomena, however, is only temporary - once the fluids ingested had all been urinated out, the bladder is replenished with fresh THCA-laden urine and thus, the donor would resume testing positive for THC.

    There is no product that can rid the body of THC. The only proven way to permanently rid the body of THC is time and fat-burning exercise.
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    So, one last question for everyone (or the Mod), since Niacin is a myth for getting rid of THC would it make a difference if someone kept smoking? I can imagine the THC building up and making it harder for the water to dilute it, is this true?
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    wouldnt rely on niacin
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    Why someone, in their right frame of sensibilites, would want to keep smoking if theyre subject to court-ordered drug testing?
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    It was just a hypothetical question that I was thinking about because I was wondering about THC buildup and water dilution.
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