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    I took a DOT drug screening on 01/13/12, had stopped smoking for 14 days prior to the screening and I was smoking high grade smoke every other day via gravity bong (Vortex). 2 hours before taking the exam I drank approximately a gallon of water and took a detox cleansing drink called Total Eclipse Rely Detox that I purchased from GNC followed by a 1.5 liters of more water. When I arrived at the testing site I gave a urine sample that was clear with a hint of lime, the MRO than took my sample and pour it into two containers and commented on how I must take my vitamins upon viewing the sample. I wish I had come across this forum prior to my exam cause I would have taken some extra steps to prevent from testing positive but my concerns are if I did enough to pass this drug screening, I'm in my low 30s 5'8 and weight 165 lbs, I exercise moderately and am not overweight or thin. I would appreciate and be thankful for anyones's expertise on this matter.
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    too late now.....maybe u will get a dilute and retest? why did they ask if you take vitamins.......detox drinks are a scam, just more dilution......sorry
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    yeah from what I have here the detox drinks seem to be a scam, I guess I'll be lucky enough if they deside to retest me, the MRO only commented that my urine appeared to look like I took vitamins
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    The job of the Medical Review Officer (MRO) is to report the results. Only the specimen collector is to handle the urine specimens for collecting and processing (splitting, bagging, tagging, and sending).

    For the DOT test, youve shouldve subbed.
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    I was under the wrong assumption that the MRO was the same person handling the urine specimen, I should have subbed being that the specimen collector was not observing me as I provided a urine sample. All I can do at this point is hope & pray for the best and expect the worst. Thanks for the responses
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    I'd say your prospects are probably not too good. Subbing would have been the best option.
    Chalk it up to another lesson on how you have to lie to get by in a capitalist society with a tyrannical government.

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