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Should we patent our strains?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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    ADabLDo any day thank you may I have another....

    So, as I ponder the events of the marijuana industry and legalization, I often come up with wild ideas (while stoned of course).

    Today while I was working away, I was talking with my partner about how I am going to get my chunk of this new gold mine.

    I am working toward my nuggets daily, and progressing with a drive that I have never had before.

    My partner asked me about the commercialization of THC and CBD. About how Big Ag and Pharm is going to pollute it.

    Then he asked me what happens when Monsanto gets its grubby mitts on all of the private non-protected strains out there?

    We will lose again. We lost our food already.

    I am no grower. To those serious growers out there

    PATENT YOUR STRAINS!!!! Before they do!!!
    If you do then they work for you!!!!
    And we stay in control!!!

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