Patient willing to help other patients in ANN ARBOR AREA

Discussion in 'Michigan (MI)' started by Chevyboi95, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Chevyboi95

    Chevyboi95 Registered

    Im a patient and im willing to help other patients receive meds if you cant locate a caregiver. Reply to post or PM me for more info
  2. georgea2a

    georgea2a Registered

    I need a michigan caregiver. Please help me out i need meds soon
  3. Gorillaz48

    Gorillaz48 Registered

    I just received my recomendation. Just waiting on my card... I could use some help locating meds.
  4. Bazuka

    Bazuka Registered

    Lets talk...
  5. EastSideHatchet

    EastSideHatchet Registered


    hey i live really close to ann arbor and ive been going there alot to get my medicine. i would PM you but im not sure how i was just browsing these forums and found your post so i made an account to post this

    shoot me a PM ill be checkin to see if ya did :jointsmile:
  6. jinxykat

    jinxykat Registered

    need meds & caregiver

    I am a registered patient in Lapeer desperately seeking affordable meds asap. My caregiver has been of no help. If needed I can drive to ann arbor. Please, if someone can help, let me know.

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