Patients’ Brain Function Improve Using Cannabis for 3 Months

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    Patients’ Brain Function Improve Using Cannabis for 3 Months


    A small study, based in Massachusetts, found that just three months of treatment with medical cannabis resulted in improved task performance and favorable brain activation that the researchers retrieved through MRI scans. Not only did patients experience improvements from their baseline three months before medical marijuana treatment; their brain activation patterns also more closely matched activation patterns in healthy control subjects. Further, the cannabis users cut their opioid and benzodiazepine use after the treatment.

    The authors suggested that this demonstrated cannabis’s potential to restore brain function to levels that reflect ideal states of health in a process the researchers referred to as normalization.

    This progression contrasts with research findings showing the opposite effect in recreational cannabis users — especially among younger individuals whose brains are still undergoing critical stages of development. The authors of the study could not conclude why medical marijuana patients experienced improvements in cognitive function and brain activation.

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