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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by roffelmeh, May 31, 2007.

  1. roffelmeh

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    hey guys
    anyone have tips on how to grow a plant inside a PC case ?

    links and pics would be nice
  2. hempplaya

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    IMO from what I have read the space is to small to grow one and the ventilation would have to be incredibly good. Can't you get like a cabinet that holds movies and just leave the shelves out and grow in that? Use your imagination and do some lookin around on here first. The Search button is your friend =P
  3. mfqr

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    Unless you have a really big computer case, this won't work. A seedling could go in there if you could fit a light in there. But there definitely would not be enough space to veg, and especially not flower in a computer case. You'd need to think about some things: The case has to be taller than how high you want your plant to grow, plus some more height for a HID light, which will have enough room so that you can lower and raise it, considering the height of most plants will triple during flowering. There is no computer case that is big enough, as far as I know. Also, computer fans would not do it for ventilation... let alone the fact that the computer fans would not work, since you would have to take out all the hardware. Point is, this is not really possible for anything ready to go into vegetative growth. If there is a fluorescent light small enough to fit at the top of the case for like one seedling, then that MIGHT work until the seedling is going into veg.

    Don't even try it. Instead, build a very large light-proof box. Line the walls with mylar, put some form of ventilation in it, maybe some odor control if you need it, and a 600w HPS which can be raised or lowered as needed. Also, a fan should be used to promote stem strength, and to keep it ventilated better. Make sure you expel of all the stagnant air at the top of this big box (shed-sized, at least), and draw in fresh air from the bottom. The grow room is the easiest part. The hard part is growing a good, potent plant.

    If you're doing this to hide the plant from your parents or something... then I suggest you don't waste any time, and just wait until you can make your own grow room.

    Verdict: A computer-case grow seems pretty impossible for anything more mature than a seedling. That's what I think.
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  4. deftdrummer

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    there are better things to use that are even more stealth if that's what your worried about.
  5. freewheelinfrank

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    that's like trying to put ten pounds of shit in a two-pound sack :wtf:
  6. roffelmeh

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    how about starting it ?

    sounds good ?
  7. mfqr

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    Read my post, and the answer you shall find. :stoned:
  8. Dizzy1

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    If your plant followed the same path as all mine, and you had a server tower, the plant would last about 2 weeks into Veg and then need a new home. That's with CFLs.

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