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    Hey, so I am new here, but I have been searching the internet all day to try and find a link between medical marijuana being used to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome, or other forms of ovarian cysts. I am 20 years old and I will soon be undergoing my second second surgery to have a large cysyt removed from my ovaries. In the last 7 months (from my first surgery to now) I have developed multiple smaller cysts inside my left and right ovary. Of course I understand that these issues are very hormonal and can be treated with diet and exercise, but, there is still very severe pain that comes with this diagnosis. That pain can occur randomly at any point in the day, the pain can come in sharp waves that last a while or can be just short bursts. it also makes it hard for me to do my job (working at a call center I have to sit all day and it's horribly painful) I just want to know if anyone has used medical/or nonmedical marijuana to ease the pain that is accompanied by these problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    (Note: english is not my first language)
    I know this is an old post but I hope my answer can help as many as possible.
    I've gone to a good holistic (natural) doctor after 30 years of going to a "regular" doctor. I've had thyroid issues, and been on the pill from I was 18 to 30.
    I'm sure birth control pills causes a lot of damage to a womans body over time (I wouldnt be surprised if pcos can be one of them). The body produces its own hormons, and we're not supposed to add other hormons and fuck our body's own system up over time.
    I was diagnosed with some of the sympthoms of pcos a couple of years back, and long story short, I got thuja pills from my holistic doctor (thuja is a bush found in many gardens, believe it or not). She also told me she's been giving it to other women who has been totally cured from pcos while taking them. (Note: the thuja bush is poisonous in its "raw" form so it has to be taken through the pills. And under supervision of a doc so you get the right strength and dosage.)
    I've taken them a couple times every now and then for a while now, and every time my period comes. And I dont get my perioed at all without them. The doc says that they create a chaos in your hormons so that it naturally falls into the right order again. I'm sure cannabis is a good help too, as I smoked yesterday and havent for months, and I got my period this morning.
    After lots and lots of research over the past couple of years I'm horrified to see how cynical the medical industry is, and how they don't care about the patients at all. My best advice for everyone struggling with this (or anything else for that matter) is to find a good doctor with experience in the natural medicine field.
    I wasnt a big fan of it earlier but I've come to realize that an innocent little bush probably did more for me when it came to this than I ever dreamed of.
    The medical industry will try its hardest to keep people away from natural medicine because it heals you, which means you wont buy their drugs for the rest of your life. Thats why they cant cure certain deseases, they just get you to take their drugs so that you can "live a normal life with the desease". Just a lot of ridiculousness!

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