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    aparently birth control is a man made version of the womans hormones and causes nausea. By the way it didnt work for me :D yet weed did.
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    surreys princess :
    you can freeze your eggs, just like you can freeze sperm...absolutely they can....they will just retrieve it and store it..you can contact a cryobank for info in your area....and dont be surprised, it is very costly, but could be worth it in the long run.....good luck
    dont talk unless you can improve the silence....

    that has nothing to do with PCOS. I dont want to get pregnant yet I would like my body to still work properly.
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    I have PCOS! I'm so glad to find other....'self medicators' haha.

    I don't get my period unless I'm on the pill. I don't want to be off of it because now that I know all of my hormones are fucked up I don't want to risk throwing them off. I was prescribed YAZ in college and it really fucked me up and made me have panic attacks and scared the shit out of me. I thought I was going crazy. (I WAS going crazy!) So I'll keep to that schedule until I start thinking about having kids....I'm not exactly worried about getting accidentally pregnant since I am on the pill and have pcos, so am unlikely to get pregnant anyway.

    Unfortunately, due to my dick of a soon to be ex husband and other stressors I got off track with my pills and getting my body back on schedule is hell. I'm having my third period in the space of 5 weeks. (taking lots of iron to make up for it...thank goodness I'm used to this shit by now...and that my body can only build up so much lining at once).

    Marijuana is the only thing that really helps with any of my symptoms. I seem to be immune to most other pain medications (I took an oxycodone from when I had surgery the other day because I was hurting so bad and didn't have anything else...y'know what it did? Nothing. Nothing at all. I didn't get high, I didn't feel any reduction in pain. I didn't even get tired. I might has well have not taken it. So weed is the only thing that really can get rid of my pain when I feel like my cysts are about to burst (my cysts are not small either, I've seen how big they tend to get on an ultrasound. My ovaries look like chocolate chip cookies....which reeses cups on them.

    I definitely need to consider freezing some of my eggs. I would be devastated if I never got to have children because of this shit. I don't think people understand how much it affects a woman to not be able to physically conceive a child. It never occurs to them to think about it.
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    I agree with you. I had pcos all my life and for most of my life it went undiagnosed. i finally got diagnosed about two years ago and have been in treatment for it since. I also have the backhanded blessing of cancer. My pcos was out of control, and where i live the docs around here know nothing about it so i have to travel to my encro. those cycst are a big deal they hurt like hell when they burst..lucky us...
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    i realized that obgyn have little knowlege about pcos. I see a endocrinologist metabolism specialist. they recommended something called spindonoldrum, it lowers the testosterone so it gets rid of facial hair and a few other things. I am also using glacerna instead of metformin because i couldnt tolerate the metformin either. Birth control pills not an option for me since my cancer is er+ and pr +. PCOS sucks sooooooo bad. wish i lived in a state that was like cali.
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    i know the feeling

    I completely understand me and my an Have been Together for 3 years all i've ever wanted to do was be a mom, all he wants is a child n i feel worthless i feel like this condition could ruin my relationship, im trying very hard to lose the weight im having y period induced and then im going on a 15 day fruit And vegetable\juice fast hopefully that will help Me Drop the weight and lean out my liver so i can jumpstart a new way of eating and a healthy lifestyle, i just Hope i lose enough weight to get pregnant before i lose the man i love along with any hope of having a family one day :(
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    Hey...I don't know anything about sydrome

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