Peace from Glesga (Glasgow)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sega420, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Sega420

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    I'm a long time smoker, first time poster (well, at least on these forums).
    Stumbled across the site and decided to join up.
    I digress...

    I suck at intro's cos i usually make an ass of myself :thumbsup:
    ...see? I've done it already...
    I'm 18, I like to smoke the flower of a certain plant, I'm pretty chill and I stay near Glasgow, Scotland.

    You can call me Sega.
    Nevermind the details, I'm a fictional character and therefore do not know anything about the consumption of Cannabis.
    In fact, I was never here....

    The one and only Sega420

  2. thecreator

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    Well no hello,to the character that doesn't exist!Welcome,I used to be on the welcome wagon a few moths back(more like a year or so) so I'm happy to get back in the swing of things.It's a great site,well was not sure about this dagnabit change but at least were both n00bs,some more so than other...............Cheers,and welcome aboard next stop enlightenment;just as soon as we go through stony brook road :bigsmoke:
  3. Sega420

    Sega420 Registered

    Hey hey!
    Thanks for the welcome bredren.

    I wish we had the weather you guys do in Florida, the weed season must be wiiiiiiiiiiiide open...

    I've been on other forums before-
    but one got shut down.
    Always420? (i know about the advertisement rules, but how can i advertise a website thats been shut down? and besides, its cool to drift into people from it every now and then)

    Fucking Feds....
    ...But hey, it'll never stop. FIGHT THE POWER!

    The one and only Sega420

  4. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    welcome aboaaaard sega :pimp:
  5. gally

    gally Registered

    hi sega also from glesgea any green goan spare doon ur way?
  6. klassy

    klassy Registered

    hope you dont mind me asking but where do you get your cannabis? i live in glasgow and was just wondering where you get yours? i get mine via a pal, but would like to get it meself!

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