Pencil Shavings or Red hairs off bud?..

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by BabyFacedAbortion, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. BabyFacedAbortion

    BabyFacedAbortion Registered+

    Here's a little story for you all, about why some people shouldn't be allowed to have money.

    So there's this kid that I know, we'll call him "B". B Like's to show off a lot and is one of those smokers that does it only to impress other people but B is a complete fucking moron, in a general sense not just about drugs. You know those types..So I go to the main 'hangout' place after school and he pulls out a 5 inch plastic vile, about 1inch full with what looks like red pencil shavings so I'm assuming he smoked the rest. I smell it, and look at it closer and it smelled very faintly like a chemical or something, not..prepare yourself for this.."the red hairs removed from weed". Keep in mind, it honestly looked like pencil shavings.

    He says "off two hits of this shit you're BOMBED"..I asked him how much he payed for it and he said 1000$. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. The kid honestly believed that it was something better though, he wasn't just bullshitting.

    What the hell could this kid have had? Do you think it was actually something special or am I right, he's a complete dumbass?
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  2. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Registered+

    if that story is true then those one fucking rich pencil walking around somewhere.
  3. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    what a fucking idiot kick his ass very hard for me. thanks.
  4. Frivolous248

    Frivolous248 Registered+

    someone here posted a pic of some pistils.

    How the hell'd he get 1,000? Does he honestly think ANYONE would pay that much for any drug and get such a small amount? Drugs aren't THAT fuckin' expensive. I mean, you could buy 1,000 of the most expensive drug and I guarantee it would be a good amount, and not a small vile.
  5. JibNasty

    JibNasty Registered+

    Well for one its the trichomes/THC% that get you stoned. The red hairs are more distinguishing the type of weed. Not all weed has those hairs. And as for $1000 that kid is more then dumb. But whatev...his money not mine. Id go buy a qp and use the other $300 for some other types of "sick shit". But its possible to remove them, its possible to do a lot of things, just likes its POSSIBLE for someone to actually pay $1000 for the red hairs.
  6. BabyFacedAbortion

    BabyFacedAbortion Registered+

    I have no idea how he got the money but I've been considering sprinkling a lil bit of bud in with a lot of oregano and selling it to this moron for a good amount ONLY after seeing this shit he bought on friday.

    I checked out a pic of some pistils and it doesn't look the same.

    I thought that it wasn't the hairs specifically that gets you stoned but I wasn't sure so I didn't say it. Thanks tho I'm gonna bring that up :)
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  7. Skink

    Skink Registered+

    Wanna buy that thing you get to Manhattan from Jersey???
  8. Sig

    Sig Registered+

    You should make a poll.. I'm voting for complete dumbass.
  9. 4gan2ja0

    4gan2ja0 Registered+

    wait-- he actually paid 1000$ for it? or was he just making that up? cause even a dumbass wouldnt pay 1000$ for a vial of something that looked like pencil shavings.
  10. Gothen

    Gothen Banned

    Okay, first of all, Sig...damn, those are some dilated pupils!!

    Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and take your word for it, Abortion. If you've seen pistils and you've seen what they should look like and you say they aren't the same, they aren't the same.

    Maybe he just completely made up that bullshit story and he never really had $1,000 to blow on red hairs. Maybe they ARE just pencil shavings.

    But, ya gotta think....what if they ARE red hairs? Eh? And what if he DID spend $1,000 for a vial of red-hairs. People have done crazier things, j00 know?
  11. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    nah he probably didnt pay for it he just said that to make it sound like its legit. he probably just shaved a pencil
  12. partyguy420

    partyguy420 Registered+

    dude... i think make it legal is right in his last post.
  13. Professor Dan K.

    Professor Dan K. Registered+

    1k for a vial of red hairs? sounds like a deal to me!

    pfft, that guy is a dumbass if hes telling the truth. ok maybe i can see buying the hairs themselves, but dropping a grand on anything in that small of a container? lame as hell. funny as hell though too :D
  14. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    hes a dumbass even if hes lying for even trying to pull shit like that
  15. Sig

    Sig Registered+

    Thanks.. I worked hard for those. They were so big, that I was afraid my implantable contact lenses were gonna fall outta place. :stoned:
  16. BabyFacedAbortion

    BabyFacedAbortion Registered+

    Hahah I honestly don't think he's lying. I live in an extremely rich town (sadly I'm not on the rich end tho ;) ) so kids have money out the ass. Either way though, he's a dumb little shit. I'll try and take a picture tommorrow, if he's still showin' off.
  17. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    well if you think he really did pay then you shoudnt be questioning if its real or not because he would not have shown it to people and said it gets him ripped if it didnt
  18. Smokin EnDo

    Smokin EnDo Registered+

    Well Jay is gay!
  19. Isayso

    Isayso Banned

    He may well be a dumbass but youre headed there yourself for even considering ripping this kid off by selling him oregano!
    Seriously dont be retarded. Im shocked you said that.

    And... youre telling us that this kid showed it to you, you had a conversation about it but never at any point did you think ask the most obvious question "WHAT IS IT?"
    I dont buy your story whole.sorry.
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  20. couch-potato

    couch-potato Registered+

    Here's what you do:

    Get some fake weed, doesn't matter what it is, as long as it won't kill him.

    Tell EVERYBODY except him that hangs out at this spot that it's fake weed.

    Tell him that you have a treat for him because you like him (or some other bullshit...)

    Hand him a bowl or joint of aforesaid fake weed.

    Call it "Royal White Lights" (a bullshit cannabis strain name that I just made up, but it sounds like some dank shit)

    If he asks, tell him its a hybrid-hydro chronic that is composed of White Widow, Northern Lights, etc. Tell him that it has special properties that do not give it a strong scent or hairs, a truly rare find. And that it is potent shit. Give him a bunch of facts that he won't know about, but it make it seem like you know your shit.

    Watch him get blazed off his ass, then make fun of him and/or make him cry.

    Edit: That is, if you really hate him, I'd probably do it, but then again, I am an asshole.

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