Pennsylvania: 18th Congressional District Won With Support of Medical Marijuana Voters

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mmcbride, Mar 15, 2018.

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    Thursday, March 15, 2018
    From deep in the heart of Trump country – Tuesday’s special congressional election for Pennsylvania’s 18th district demonstrated two things to the nation:

    1.) Support for medicinal cannabis is a winning issue.
    2.) Those candidates who reject marijuana reform and embrace Trump are politically doomed.

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  2. Pupp

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    In race as tight as the PA special election, every vote counts. Better yet, it gives the DCCC a blueprint of how to win in heavily republican districts. Overnight, the idea of having moderates that support some republican and mostly democratic issues is now in play. Not exactly sure when the democrats and republican parties started going to the extreme left and right on issues, it was before the Obama years, but it got much worse after President Obama took office.

    Maybe it will give stock to the democrats not to chase just the minorities and the poor. Those are serious issues they need to keep working for, but in order to wrest control of congress and eventually the white house, they'll have to start looking at attracting a larger audience. Certainly in many districts, they can, and need, to emphasize their traditional liberal policies, but they need to be open to moderate democrats that support the 2nd amendment and some abortion issues. Personally, I think the democrats need to keep de-emphasize abortion and work on other more important issues, and I think they'll have to stop focusing on DACA for now. They got their chance on DACA, but Trump's mercurial brain wasn't up to task of supporting the legislation.

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