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    I want to go to a march Saturday, but I don't think the Panhandle is being represented. Actually I live over by Panama City but would go someplace , even Pensacola, to march. If nowhere else, I would suggest O'Riley's (sp?) bar, on the north side. I think a Pizza Hut is near it?
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    my friend lives in Milton, what a shithole. I like Flounders thoise bars down there on the beach.

    Diesel Fuel
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    i play beer pong at o'rileys mon. and wed. its a fun bar!! wet t-shirt contest ever fri. at flounders but yea milton is meth town p'cola is awesome tho
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    also in the same little shoppin place pizza hit is in theres a coool little headshp with alot of local glass its called "Rooz II" a little priceytho
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    yeah, i like the wet tshirt, i saw it when i was there. I also like thosee diesel fuel drinks, the 32oz mixed drinks in thsoe mason jars...nice. Yeah, my buddy is a tweaker, so i do know its meth there. It sucks. I went to the two clubs there. I cant remember the names, but i know theres too many there, what are the names?
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    in pensacola the "big" clubs are sivllie and capt'n funs i hate both of them yea the diesel fuels r good 2 get me trashed
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    yeah, i didn't go to s'ville, but captn funs was OK. I never wanted to "dress" for sville. I saved me one of those jars cuz around here my nickname is diesel, so i found it fitting...LoL

    I ended up renting a car and driving to miami for a few days while i was out there. That was fun. I went to the Black River or Black Water. Cought me a redfish in one of the waterway thingys.

    During Katrina, we drove to the beach and east to some town over there down the 10 to see what was goin on. It was crazy to see how the pires and docks that were like 20 feet above the water reg, were almost under water if not completely under...nutz
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    yea i was here for ivan there was a 40ft wall of water that rushed thru downtown and the beack man thats awesome u caught a redfish im a huge fisher and redfish are my fav. nothing better than gettin blazed and catchin a redfish they fight hard Black Water River is ok im more of a beach person tho i like just chillin on the beach drinkin smokin swimmin in warm water i hate cold water but yea man i really like pensacola
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    thats one thing i wish i did when i was there was go out to one of the braks, cuz i bodyboard. But i didn't bring one so. I went on a charter boat when i was there. but the fishing sucked cuz fof the hurricane. I only caught one bonito. My buddy had a jetski that we were gonna take to the beach, but we never made it out there. One thing i never found there was dank. I could only come across the mecixan weed. I was there for like a month and never ran into other tokers.
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    you have to know ppl its here not large amounts but its around always always somethin diff. i went to the keys last year for a week and brought an oz and the we ran out and had 2 days left and there was nothin we asked everyone one and they all said they have to drive to miami to ge it so thats what we did
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    My friend went to school there and every time he came down it was with some dank ass chronic I mean some of the dankest I've ever seen.
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    yea thats how we do....:Rasta:
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    Im new to here! And have been living in pensacola for about 9 years now.... and been smokin for about 3 or 4 always on the good nugs!!
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    where do you live in p cola what area im from there but recently moved visit very often though.....there are very good nugs in pensacola
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    im in pcola now on vacation w/o any nugs:(
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    Can you hook me up with a dealer?

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