People Smoke Cannabis and drink alcohol why?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Chainsaw1234, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. Chainsaw1234

    Chainsaw1234 Registered+

    Hi people , this question has been in my head for ages now , ive noticed that alot if not all cannabis smokers drink alcohol aswell? if smoking is so good why dont they do that all the time, instead of drinking? ( i dnt smoke it YET btw :D )
  2. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    hey chainsaw
    the effect ov cannabis iz much different then alcohol. when yer drunk yer all stumbly n shit but when ya smoke u juss get a nice buzz throughout the body, u feel relaxed n u can still function normally. id much prefer smokin over drinkin, but i still drink fer the party nightz. i think most cannabis smokerz wood agree that cannabis is alot better in alot ov wayz then alc. i smoke evryday but i only drink a few timez a month.
  3. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    n one more thing man, if yah dunt smoke yet but u like drinkin, i definatly suggest that yah try smokin cuz like i said, the high iz juss so much different n better if yah juss wanna get high n relax.
  4. rnf232s

    rnf232s Registered+

    Just like Killa said, drinking is a completely different feeling than smoking. I would rather smoke any day over drinking, but it is always nice to mix it up every once in a while. Drinking is still fun even though not as good as smoking.
  5. DrGonzo

    DrGonzo Registered+

    I find that if I'm drinking alot, if I start to smoke weed, it'll turn my stomach, and I'm cooked for the night...not a pleasant experience. last time that happened, was after a bachelor party at a strip club...they had $2 beers and $3 shots all damn night...I had so many, even the bartender couldn't keep track. After the strippers, we piled into a taxi, and went back to my buddies apt. Somebody rolled a j, just a little tiny one-paper, and 3 of us smoked thing I knew, I was vomiting copiously over the balcony, and fell asleep under his kitchen table. If I had just stuck with the booze, I would have been fine...several of my friends have noticed this too (but we're all pretty bad alcoholics, so we drink a LOT more than we probably should).

    anybody else ever had weed send your drunkeness into a downward spiral? I'd like to know if its just us, or maybe the weed we're smoking...
  6. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    oh shit gonzo, maybe itz juss tha southeast ontario pot we b smokin, but i hear yah. i remember one nite we had 4 ov my buddy'z over gettin drunk on a 40 n two 26erz ov golden wedding whiskey. anywayz, we did er all in shotz n i wuz RITE tanked. we were fuckin around downtown fer a bit but decided wed make our way home az we wooda been pulled over ther second a cop seen us stumblin in the middle ov the streetz lol. anywayz we get home 2 a gino between the 5 ov us. thatz bout 2 bongz each. so we did er, n lemme tell yah, that last chong put me on my ass fer the rest ov the nite. not even 20 secondz after i exhaled i wuz in the bathroom pukin. the same shit happened 2 one ov the guyz i wuz drinkin wit that nite az we decided wed try it again! i wuz fine the second time around tho. usually i can mix up the weed n alc but itz not a good idea fer alot ov ppl. unless u like barfin.
  7. skunk17

    skunk17 Registered

    hey all crazy?Drinking alchohol is just the worst drug out there surely...When drunk you lose all control,slur,blurred vision etc...but the worst thing!Most drinkers i know are the nicest guys !or Girls!until they have a drink and wham they think they can take on the world....Smoking weed on the other hand is illegal yet!?One of the best highs in the world....given choice slurring just the the best bit is all the smokers i know whether stoned or not stay relitivly cool..No big egos around weed..As you have probably gathered i dont drink...turns me into a twat...So getting high on Quality weed is the only way forward surely....?As Cypress Hill Once said "EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED".....Come on Chainsaw lose yourself on a blunt dude and let me know how u get on eh....
  8. lethal purple poison

    lethal purple poison Registered+

    Im an Alcholic , but at the same time I love pot, I would most Definnalty Smoke POt over drinking, But im not ready to quit drinking.
  9. Lulu

    Lulu Registered+

    I have a very low tolerance for alcohol anyway,
    3 drinks is my absolute limit!
    For an Irish person that's unheard of.. :rolleyes:
    Anyways I couldn't take even a tiny toke
    when I've had a drink or we're talking
    Bathroom-city using a loo-roll as a pillow :eek:

    Never much fun
  10. fatty lumps

    fatty lumps Registered+

    Because you get fucked up, yo! Uhmmm, really though, drinking relieves stress and anxiety as does smoking. A combination of both = good times when things are not (or even when they are!)
  11. OceansOfSound

    OceansOfSound Registered

    I'd prefer drinking over smoking anyway...psh, who drinks anymore?
  12. MRB041

    MRB041 Registered+

    Smoking is a anytime anyday sort of thing. You can wake and bake and have no problem. But when you see someone drinkin at 9 o'clock in the morning....alcoholic lol. But I love drinkin and smokin. That always gets me real fucked up. Instead of drinkin 7-10 beers to get drunk, I can drink 5 and take 2 bonghits and be high as a kite for hours. Real fun stuff
  13. Exsaverof

    Exsaverof Registered

    I hear all ya alcoholics out there.

    I smoke about once every week, but I drink about 4 times a week. Getting high off weed is great, but I love hanging with the guys for a few hours doing shots and getting tanked on different drinks. And also, for me anyways, it's easier for me to get chicks drunk because then get them to smoke weed. Getting drunk is damn fun too, so is getting high. Getting jacked for life!
  14. Kronik Bagz

    Kronik Bagz Registered+

    i wake up with a swig off my bottle before i get outta bed sometimes, a drink jus bout everyday an im not an alcoholic. why??!! cause im a drunk alcoholics go to meetings, i used to be an alcoholic but im cured now. i must say when im smokin pot it feels like im havin the best night of my life but we jus sittin round usually. when im drinking wit friends we go on hikes an do tons of stupid shit. i think i have more fun drunk than high but i hope im wrog here cause i been clean fer 11 months an when im off i plan on dropping the liquor an goin back to herb.
  15. Niftyfifty

    Niftyfifty Registered+

    Well, the weed well runs dry every once in a while and some people choose to substitute alcohol where the weed used to be. Sometimes, people are out of money and can't afford pot but have enough for alcohol (if it were me, though, I'd save up for the green goodies). Some people like to toke and drink when they party, or relax if it's a regular past time.
  16. pofacedhoe

    pofacedhoe Registered

    alcohol is crap-weigh the benefits against the drawbacks and you'll find very few benefits other than , turns an introvert into and extrovert, and an extrovert into a twat. being pissed is crap but only getting stoned and nothing else leaves no room for letting your hair down. when no other wild(cause irresponsibility) drugs are available i drink but only cos its more accessable than shrooms or an e. sometimes you need to be irresponsible and truly escape- weed doesnt seem to be as deep an escape from reality for me as drink and shrooms.
  17. coffeeshoper

    coffeeshoper Registered

    alcohol makes a lot of ppl violent thats the down side of drinkin, i like a couple of freezing beers somtimes during my session.....but i know can drink a glass of beer everyday...and not much will happen.....but if you smoke a joint everyday you will gradally become a differant.more mellow person.

    free the weed.
  18. Kronik Bagz

    Kronik Bagz Registered+

    alcohol does make u violent, but if u cant keep this under control u shouldnt be drinking. me an friends do bare fist boxing when were drunk. yeah we fuck eachother up pretty bad but if someone cant take more than 1 good punch or something were still good friends so its over. its jus a fun an easy way to get some freustration out. an if there is a serious argument we make sure to use boxing gloves.
  19. maelly

    maelly Registered

    cause it fucks you up! If you drink a few beers and smoke it gets you a lot more fucked up then just drinking or smoking alone. i love the ganja anytime.
    the question should be why do people smoke and do coke. i dont understand.
  20. Chainsaw1234

    Chainsaw1234 Registered+

    Ok i see , but why do you drink at party's and stuff why not just smoke at them?

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