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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Landen18, May 7, 2007.

  1. Landen18

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    I have recently purchased a vape, i do not know the make of it accept it is called incense burner The Ultimate Vaporizer Machine. I have been using it at 375 degrees Fahrenheits. after letting it heat up for like 7 mins i put the cannabis inside and it begins to vape. The smoke or w.e is kinda thick.
    I think i may be putting it on too high, I also use this little glass pice somtimes, its just like the lightbulb method, it seemed to get me a lot higher then when i use my vape, when i exhale the smoke i cant see anything and it seems to get me a lot more ripped.

    Does anyone have a digital vaporizer who can give me a better temperature to put it at? :Rasta:

    -thanks :Rasta:
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  2. JerryBerries420

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    yea id love to know the same thing
  3. herbal meditation

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    Wikipedia: Vaporizer

    Although I like it best between 200-280 degrees.
  4. wareagle

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    170 deg C is were THC goes to Vapor.

    least amount of waste since you do "cook" the weed at 170.

    I normally run 5-8 hits at 170 then bag the used weed.

    When times are tough, I do re-run the used weed At 180-190 To finish it off. But the weed does not last long at that temp your not going to get many hits before It turns black/brown its alot closer to smokeing at that temp then Vaporizing.
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  5. FlyGuyOU

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    170 C is fucking hot i think you mean 170F
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  6. TheDefiler

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    na these things go up to like 400F so ya 170C sounds about right.

    And ya....375F is way too hot. Not sure what the best setting is, but ive seen people set em at 280F and get good results. But even that might be too hot...i don't have alot of experience with vapes but i thought id throw out my ideas.

    Stay High!
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  7. LongIsland420

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    i think THC vaporizes at 360, so i keep mine at that temperature
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  8. Rapidfire187

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    Who the hell gave this thread a five star rating?

    Joe vs. Kobashi > this thread.
  9. smokeweed420

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    i ususally hit mine around 222F and have found good results.. it seems to cook the erb much slower and allows me to get much more of tasty, less smoky vapor hit off a:thumbsup single bowl.
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  10. vapefiend

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    You can't depend on the cheap digital boxes having an accurate temp reading. You certainly can't compare one brand to another. Even two boxes of the same brand won't necessarily read the same. There are only a handful of (expensive) digital models that will accurately display the true temp of the bowl contents during vaping. You have to find the vaping range on your particular vape-the point where you start to get vapor (a little low) and the point where the vapor process turns the herb black (too hot). Somewhere in between is where you need to be-the herb remains should be brown and your final hits shouldn't be really harsh.
  11. PoeticLogic

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    Testing Temps

    I have a Easy Vape I got like a week and a half ago new for $70 :thumbsup: at a shop in Denver. Digital read out with range from 200-400F.

    I was told 370F from the guy at the store. Way too much smoke. I tried 275, still a bit too much smoke, tried 250 and got down to 236, seemed to worked good, but still a bit of smoke.

    I'm going to try 220-225 range next time.

    Keep you posted on what seems to work best for me and my Easy Vape :bong:
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  12. lwien123

    lwien123 Registered+

    Vapefiend said it above, but it's worth repeating. The digital readouts on these vapes mean nothing. They don't accurately report the correct temp, and they not only vary from unit to unit, but may actually vary from day to day.

    So being that you can't depend on the readout giving you accurate info, just go by the color of the ABV (already been vaped) bud to decide how high or low to set that temp dial. Golden brown to dark brown........perfect.
    Black...........too hot. Green.............too low.
  13. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    325 degrees F :thumbsup: ... (I used my laser thermometer, to compare with the vaporizer settings) :smokin:
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  14. cmasfca

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    Although I change the temperature depending on how wet the bud is, my volcano sits right around 390F with no combustion at all. Hell, that's the temp the volcano is at in my avatar :stoned:
  15. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    oh, well, I'd go by the avatar's recommendation, then :wtf: ... :jointsmile:
  16. allday420

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    will my aromazap says it runs under 400 so on my freinds natural goods we usally let the wand heat up to about 385 for regular shwag and for good stuff about 375 its starts to vape pretty good
  17. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    Actually, 170 C is a little low. 170 F won't get you any vapor at all.

    If you've got a good digital vape (usually $400 or more) like Vaporfection, Aromed, Volcano (even the analog Classic is very accurate), etc., then you can talk vaping temp. If you have a cheap digital (even the Natural Goods unit reads the whip temp, so you have to preheat to have any chance for accuracy), the display should be used for a reference point only. For a good temp on these vapes, you should use it like an analog vape. Find your vaping range and use a setting that gives you good vapor, preferably without turning your herb black.

    Can you check the temp while you're hitting the vape? Measuring temp without airflow won't give you the true vaping temp.
  18. smokin dope

    smokin dope Registered+

    had volcano digital for almost a year now and alot of experimenting, mostly have used my vape at 370-385 f. been having coughing issues lately so have started vaping in the 340-350 range, much better :)
  19. fudge123

    fudge123 Registered

    Coughing when having a good vapor hit is not uncommon. It's actually the thc that makes you cough, and sometimes it can sound really hacking :p

    As long as you are not combusting, which you should be able to tell by the taste, it is fine.
  20. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    That's generally considered a little low. Vapes with fixed temps are set around 370-380.

    CA NORML Health Information

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