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    hey guys I'm leaving for an excursion to Peru in just over 24 hours, I was wondering wat the weed situation in Peru was. It would be great if anyone could tell me how illeagal if at all illegal or whatnot. I'll be staying in Lima the capital of Peru if that means anything. Also, how does one say marijuana in spanish?
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    well i dont spea Spanish/Portugese, but in Blow when they kept looking for herb in Mexico, they kept asking people for Molta
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    Not like he's going to see this, but usually the best thing to do in a foriegn country is to ask a taxi driver, host at a hotel, or bartender. Also, doing a search on a country using google and a few terms could yield excellent information as to what kind of situation one may encounter.
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    But not like how we pronounce it. We pronounce it as mary(juana) Mary like 'merry'
    They pronounce it as mari(juana). Mari like 'mah-ree'

    Basically its just the 'mari' part of the word that they pronounce differently.
    No idea of the slangs for it though.

    There was a website that explained the laws for weed for like every country. It was very helpful and great but I completely forgot what it was.. I sure miss that site.
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    Oh shit son, I found it!
    Ironically someone else posted it at some other thread. Glad I have it again.
    Credit goes to Free iPod.

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