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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by 2blackdux, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. 2blackdux

    2blackdux Registered it cool to use this to adjust water? .....
  2. 2blackdux

    2blackdux Registered water a cannabis plant with?..:)
  3. Jerry Garcia 2007

    Jerry Garcia 2007 Registered+

    I wouldn't!!
    Sounds good but that stuff is real strong, it is for treating thousands of gallons of water at once not a gallon at a time. I use a tablespoon of vinagar per gallon to bring down my ph! and it is more natural not a pure acid like pool chemicals.
  4. BobBong

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    Jerry is right, there are different % and grades of hydroponic and pH adjustment chemicals.

    Some are food grade, some are not. All be it we are only talking the acidity of the water but there are also different concentrations of pH up and down. If you can find a way to adjust your pH without using pool chemicals, try picking some pH up/down from an aquarium or pet store.

    Hope this helps,
  5. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    You should use 'real' pH down, rather than vinegar, which is relatively unstable and best used in emergencies.
    Nitric or Phosphoric acid is good for plants. Use the sort at the grow shop to be sure.
  6. PharmaCan

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    So, is hydrochloric acid (used for pools) not good for plants? Or is it just too strong for most folks to work with?

    PC :smokin:
  7. Jerry Garcia 2007

    Jerry Garcia 2007 Registered+

    Thanks Stinky,
    I wondered about that! I was reading some threads a while ago about ph, they recomended using vinagar or lime juice as a natural ph decreaser so I implimented in my grow since I had it in my kitchen. I have not had any issues yet growth wise with using it, the only thing I don't like is the smell of vinigar when I water my plants that disapates after about an hour though.
  8. 2blackdux

    2blackdux Registered

    well... I did a lil research.... shocking, huh Stinky? :)...this product has a main ingredient of Sodium Bisulfate-95% Inert ingredients-5%. I'm by no means a Chemist..but I don't think sodium is good for plants, in anything other than trace amounts..yes?...and i've also learned that there are many, many, different ways to lower ph chemically...and thank you all for the replys.
  9. Weedhound

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    the best thing to use is ph up/down made specifically for plants. While ph TESTERS for aquariums are ADJUSTERS for fish and aquariums are much too high in salts etc for fish tolerate MUCH higher salinity than plants do. Use the stuff made for hydro. ;)
  10. Help_Needed

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    I don't know if the HCl will actually hurt your grow or not. But think about this...

    The commercial pH Up and pH Down that you buy from the grow store is made from potassium hydroxide and phosphoric acid, respectively. Which means that when they break down, they'll convert into stuff that the plants can actually use. When HCl breaks down it converts into hydrogen and.....chlorine :wtf:
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  11. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Yup. Chlorine in measureable levels= unhappy plants. Same goes for sodium. They need trace amounts of it, that's all.

    Help-needed has hit the nail on the head with how to choose a pH up/down product.

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