PH much do I use?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by scottcc5s, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. scottcc5s

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    I bought some PH down, bottle does not give me directions on amount to use per gallon. My tap water is 7, looking to get down to 6. Just water for my mother plant that's in soil right now.

    How much PH down do I use per gallon? :)
  2. moody420

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    did you get the ph tester drops and guide with it? Both the up and down are very strong! You only need a drop or two to raise/lower ph. Add a drop in your watering container and check the ph....if you need more, add a little more. But just a little at a time as that stuff is really potent. And wear gloves! I made the mistake on not wearing gloves and got some down on my's been over 2 months and it still isnt healed all the way! be careful!:jointsmile:
  3. tinytoon

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    hmmm I better stop getting that stuff on my fingers then. Pretty much impossible to say what I do will work for you since our water is no doubt different but my tap is at 7.0 and 16 drops of down in a gallon puts me at 5.8 and thats were I run. :jointsmile:
  4. scottcc5s

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    My water is 7 so I will start off with 10 drops or so per gallon and check it with my meter and then go from there. Thanks for the tip :)
  5. Bongojaz

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    trying to adjust the ph of 1 gallon of plain water is a pain. you may want to use 2 or 3 gallons instead.
  6. demoreal

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    It all depends on the alkalinity of your water. Read the ph management article in my sig.
  7. scottcc5s

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    Thanks, pretty detailed stuff. Appreciate the info and will need to read it a few times. :)
  8. Horsemanrocks

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    It's a moving target


    You posted in the hydro section….so I’m going on the supposition that beyond the ph’ing for your mother plant that you will be using this information in a hydro setup.

    My situation is very similar in the respect that my tap water is 7 (sometimes) it actually varies between summer and winter….in the winter it can actually be closer to 6.5.

    So let’s imagine that you add 10 drops to 7.0 water and you come up 6.2… you wait a day and as the water outgases the ph will rise to lets say 6.6….that is the result of the deacidification or out gassing of the water.

    I’m a bucket guy…..I do a nute change out. I add the water, nutes, and ph down to let’s say 5.7……I check again later and the ph has risen to 5.9….I correct to 5.7 and before bed the ph is back up to 6.1…again I correct to 5.7 and the next morning it’s back to 6.2. Sounds crazy right? But as the water outgases each time it takes less and less ph down to get the desired correction.

    In the buckets are airstones…and I push a lot of air through the buckets and the res/controller (which speeds outgasing). And it still takes at least two days for the ph to stabilize.

    I am actually trying to answer your question…..I’m simply trying to convey that not only are you trying to hit a moving target…..but that it takes a different amount of correction each time to hit it.

    Here’s a link on outgasing that may or may not help:

    I hope that in some way, shape, or form that this adds to your understanding,

    As known,
  9. demoreal

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    nutes first

    I suggest you guys first mix your nutes and then check the pH.
    Most nutrients will stabilize the pH.
    It does not make much sense checking the pH of almost pure water and then stabilizing it. After you add all your nutrients stabilizing is not a problem.
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  10. Bongojaz

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    ^^^what he said!^^^
    you want as little ph up/down, in your mix as possible. i don't even use ph up. i use pro-tekt for that.
  11. scottcc5s

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    Thanks guys, good feedback and will be back with more needs in the help my ass out area. Getting my ebb/flow setup this weekend, clones should be ready to roll next week. :)
  12. demoreal

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    same here

    I use the same stuff for up

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