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    I've just come off fixing my ph from swinging WAY too high in a short time (it was not normal ph drift). I replaced the water and flushed, things seemed good until a few days later. Now my ph is slowly drifting down from 6 to 5.5 in the course of half a day. The plants are getting worse.

    It started out as ph spotting, but grew into mg, cal, or phosphorus deficiency (I strongly believe it is the mg that is locked out and they are also a little K deficient in parts, yellowing has occured as well but that came with the spotting).

    The scary thing is that the runnoff from my buckets when the water is running (the whole light cycle for hydro) is coming out a full (.1) lower than what is in the rez? What is causing this to happen?

    I have six 5 gallons buckets with hydroton in a recirculating drip system with a 15 gallon reservoir. I use ice to keep the rezzy around 70. Two 400 Watts

    I use RO water with 1 tsp per gallon of calmag, some potassium silicate, advanced nutrients micro, grow, bloom, a little supervit, and some compost tea/sweet. Would someone give me reccomended amounts for say 10 gallons of these ingredients?

    I have changed the water, twice, and done a MASSIVE FLUSH with RO water and clearex. However, the ph is still coming down.



    1. I read somewhere that there is an excessive amount of K uptake in the transition week. Could this be causing my ph to drop?

    2. Root rot? I dig down enough to see the roots and they look totally healthy. Still I added some DM ZONE (same purpose as H2O2) to kill all the bacteria, rot, etc. but I am still having the problem.

    3. Too low ppm? I used to do dwc. Then each plant got 3 gallons and roughly six tsp's total of the Advanced 3 part formula, but now that they are all on the same reservoir I am worried that I am not adding enough. My ppm's are anywhere from 600-700ppm.

    I am pretty sure these don't have anything to do with it: incompatibility of nutes and additives, evaporation (I lose some water, but I don't think that could cause as much flux as I am seeing), or my reservoir being too small.

    Any help is appreciated as I have called the tech support at advanced and local hydro stores and even they have no idea what is going on. Ph should be rising!!!
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    whats the problem with pH going from 6.0 to 5.5? This is your problem?
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    What are you using to adjust your pH? If you're using 'over the counter' products (like vinegar or baking soda), it's possible what you're using isn't strong enough to properly buffer the solution. Correct this by purchasing commercial pH up and down products.

    The problem could also be your hydroton. Many people experience problems with pH fluctuations when using hydroton, especially if it is not treated before use. Stinky had recommended somewhere that you take all your hydroton and throw it in a bucket with some water and a very diluted nutrient mixture (say 15-25%). Put an air pump and a stone in the bucket and pH the solution to what you desire. Check it every hour or two and continue to adjust it until you don't see any significant change for hours (a day would be better).

    The pH'ing process above can take a while, days even, but I can attest the efficacy of the process.
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    this is likely your problem. you have too many plant vying for too little nutes. try using a larger rez. i'd suggest at least 30 gallons.
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    Friend has the exact same issue...rust spots that looks like ph spotting but have lowered PH all the way down to 5.2 ......everything check out....

    How many plants do you have attached to the 15 gallon res?

    I have tried everything I know to help him.....
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    If your circulating with a pump for a drip or what not it could be your pump throwing your ph off,
  7. Turttle

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    Hydroton has no influence on ph hints why its the number one choice for grow median.Now if your using rock wool yes this will affect your ph and you should let it sit in ph water over night.
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    turttle, nice advice, but look at the date on this thread, its two years old. Rapt44 hasnt even been online here in over two years.
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    Sorry to say but Bullpucky!! I have done both ways many times and non ph adjusted Hydrotron will throw you off in a heartbeat!!
    Yes I know this is an old thread but the quote is most recent.

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