ph for coco?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by altaholic, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. altaholic

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    Been searching all over trying to find the right answer for this but it seems I cant get a consensus. Always thought 5.6 hydro 6.0 coco 6.5 soil. IM seeing people using 5.6 and less for coco? and I ve been told to rum it as high as 6.5???!!! Opinions?
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    Coco moko! Slowly, I turned, inch by inch.

    Aloha Highholic:D

    No worry.:Rasta:

    What you are finding here, is that coco tolerates a wide PH range and can be treated as hydro, but not as soil.
    Anything from 5.2 to 6.5 will work with coco.
    I usually run around 5.6 but it's best to "sweep the range" to see that nothing gets locked out.

    Hope dat he'p.

  3. altaholic

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    THanks man,
    Ill drop her down to 5.6 since I am using hydro nutes on em
    do you feed everytime or every other? Doing a half and half coco/pertilite, hand waters with advanced nutes, thanks again
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    Yer quite welcome, brah.
    Not using perlite here.

    I feed every other time, sloppily, 'cause I forget.:jointsmile:

    But, I add CalMag to every watering and I test the run-off every time.
    That's the best way to know what to use for the next watering.

    Keep a close eye with the hand watering.
    As the roots fill the pots the intervals will get shorter.

    Best to heft each pot several times a day.
    The weight will tell you exactly when to water.
    Here's a tip
    The only way to screw-up a coco grow is to let it dry out completely.
    That, can kill the entire root:(
    Don't ask:eek:

  5. altaholic

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    hmm got ya, what kind of nutes do you use? do you think the cal mag is something that coco requires?
  6. Weezard

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    I know that it does.
    Coco brings nothing to the party.
    If you use R/O, or distilled water you must supply extra Mg. & Ca..
    Our Island water has little of either so it's a must here.

    I learned that the hard way.:D


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