Ph keeps dropping ...!!! help

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by zoomatl, Jan 2, 2008.

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    I started my grow in 8x8 inch pots on a 4x4 foot flood table ...when I switched to flower I also switched over to 5 gallon bubble buckets ....they grew very well after the 3-5 days it took for them to get over the transplant shock. But I have noticed my ph levels are propping drastically ...I just changed the nutes Saturday in the buckets and by Monday night the ph had gone from 5.8-6.1 to 5.3-5.1 and they had not had more than a 2-3 quarts of water running flora nova grow at around 700-800 ppm for the c99 and ak477 ...Im also using the recommended amounts of floranova plus ...phirrinah...hydrozyme and sweet along with pure flowers ...I can definitely see the slow growth of buds and im in week 6 of flower and I can already see my yeild is not gonna be close to where it should be .. any suggestions..?? Im using ph up like crazy and had never used it before except for the occasional over ph down correction in the 40 gallon reservoir of my ebb and flow system..
    I have a whole new system and from now on i will veg and flower in the bubble buckets Im just worried with this crazy dropping of my ph levels. :(
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    was the new nutrient solution you made stronger than before?
    did you check to see if they ppm level has been dropping or raising?

    if pH is dropping, and the ppm level is raising your plants are overfed

    my suggestion is to run nothing but pH corrected water in your system and keep monitoring the pH, and don't add nutrients until the pH is stable and new growth has resumed

    and if the nutrient mix is too hot right now at its current ppm, then needless to say don't have it that high when you re-add the nutrients after the flush

    just my suggestion
    hopefully someone else will post to help you out as well :)
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    your PPM is WAY to low IMHO. Should be up around 1200 to 1500 those strains like to eat..........GL
  4. xcrispi

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    Sup Zoo ,
    What temp. is your nute mix ?
    Any funny smells in buckets ?
    Room temps ?
    Root rott / bact. can cause ph drop .
    Crispi :jointsmile:
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  5. turtle420

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    Adding two more cents:::

    I think you should cut back on the "stuff".
    You're feeding them like, lots of stuff.
    Give 'em plain water... then add the nutes after watching the pH.
    Only nutes... see if there's still a problem.
  6. Illusion

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    what turtle420 said :thumbsup:
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    At week six of flower i'd be upping my numbers as well. 700-800 isn't anywhere near the 1350 my plants would be at that stage. (in plants would have been on more than 800ppm since about the fourth week of veg.....) I'm pretty sure that's where your low yield is coming from.

    As for the ph dropping.....I'd be concerned for root rot etc as X-C says. You are late in your grow so it may be normal here to lose some roots (which can drop ph) but that's a fairly good drop.
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  8. zoomatl

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    Im at day 50 with the c99 so im gonna go ahead and do the fresh water thing with the c99 and begin flushing with final phase.

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