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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by rubus123, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. rubus123

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    how high can your water pH levels be without effecting the plants? what symptoms do you see when the pH is too high?
  2. ewells2420

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    Well I know anything above 8.0 will be....kinda high. I think plot plants can survive up to 9.0 for a small amount of time. Idealy keep it at 7.2-7.5, they like a little acidity to the water being as they are an acidic type plant. By no means I claim this info to be absolutely correct but I think this might help you.
  3. KanMan

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    As high as 7.0 is ok but... local hydro growers in my area keep it @ 5.8 for best results.

    See a picture of PH issues at the OG FAQ figure 5 @

    Good Growing!
  4. mrxthethcman

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    Personaly i keep mine @ a ph reading of anything between 5.8-6.2.I've had the best results from keeping the ph @ this level.But u have to keep in mind what the water is like in your area, if its chalky and ur kettle is limescaled up then its hard water meaning its slightly acidic.The water in my area b4 i've adjusted it is about the
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    5.5 to 5.8 is perfect,slight fluctuations either way are not problematic.

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  6. moondog

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    I try to keep mine about 6.0. Buy a PH test kit form you hydroshop. The ones in garden centres arnt accurate enough If you can afford an electronic Ph meter it makes life easier. I use Phosphoric acid as PH down and liquid silicon as PH up. The silicon also helps to give strong stems. Both available from UK hydro shops
  7. sivaram

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    a pH range of 5.6-6.7 will be helpful for most of the plants, use grow mediums like Neem coir, coco peat which has optimum pH lelvels
  8. perthkiwi

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    hows it where i am my ph is 6 for veg up to 6.8 flower .as a plant grows it use many diffrent nutrients so you got to raise ph as a plant grows . same as ec i started at2.6 in veg first three weeks then up tp 3 in bloom hope this helps

    the ratman
  9. NowhereMan

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    hell you even try to help i will thank you

    i agree about the 9 being deadly
    so is 4 ,,least outdoor where i am.
    ive had plants to ,,,just die from lack of care,
    tested the siol after wards,when i finally went back to them
    (must understand they were hours hiking away)
    im in a area that has alot of clay in the soil up high so its not that easy
    to adjust soil way back there,some remote spot steep slope ect,
    see you gotta go where the people dont go
    i think a few storms washed all the ferts out of the siol
    had i noticed could of easy cured
    learn by our mistakes

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