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    Has anyone use a phototron before, and how did you like it. They are expensive but well concealed.
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    I've not used one because it seems like a waste of money for me. I'm pretty sure that once I have all the supplies, I could build one in an afternoon, for about 1/4 the price. If you could get one with HID lighting, that would be the bomb. And expensive as hell. I think they all come with fluoros.
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    Phototron reply

    Yes I ageree that florescents are not going to do the job, thanks for the input. A freind had asked me about the photo.I currently use a NFT gutter system w/ 2 air cooled 1000s, areators, water heater, C02 injection, and fans. I use 2 phases of nutreints . Getting great results and only have to look at it every 3 days for maintence. Everything is sucked out of the room through a 8" centrifigal fan and throrough a 8" charcoal filter with absoulutely no smells. I want to order some seeds but am weary of getting caught by customs, who would you reccomend to buy them from, clones are hard to get here ,even for a 215 patient like me. I kept some mothers for a while but they were costing more to maintain at the time than the clones were costing when they were available. I love cloning though.:s4:
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    Is it safe , do the feds look for seeds coming in, I am getting desperate . Has anyone had luck getting them this way ?:smokebong:
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    I've had no problem getting seeds, and I think that's the way it is for most people. The worst that could probably happen, from everything I've read, is that your package could be seized at customs if it looks suspicious. In that case you will get a notice telling you it was seized, and you will not be able to see that particular $180 any more. When I was mail ordering Tylenol 3 that happened to me once out of about 15 orders.
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    Also since you med, call around and see if any compassion place could steer you in the direction of a clone or two. Mine was forced to stop doing that, so I don't know if that happens anywhere else. I think, in CA perhaps?
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    Thanks Man

    I appreciate the input, I can travel 3 1/2 hours one way and get clones leagally in Cali. Fuel is $3.50 a gallon and I am a tight ass LOL The quality has degraded with alot of them due to over cloning to meet demand.

    I will get r going soon:microwave:
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    Quite a few of the dispensaries in Ca sell seeds. Maybe that 3 1/2 hour drive wouldn't seem so bad if you could stock up on some seeds while you're at it.

    Anyway, as one tight SOB to another, I'd rather spend a day driving and $100 in fuel than take the risks associated with ordering seeds. Although the majority of seed orders reach their destination, you just might be the one unlucky soul who doesn't get his (hers?). Then there's always the possibility that some federal law enforcement agency discovers the seeds and puts you on their list of people whose lives they may decide to ruin some day.

    JMO :thumbsup:

    PC :smokin:
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    Phototrons are a waste of money. I would not know where to begin on why. You can definately grow a marginal plant into the veg, but after that forget about it. They look awesome and extremely easy to conceal, however, the amount of time it takes to get from seed to bud is definatley not worth the effort with the Phototron. You could easily build one to the same specs and get much better production (given you install a HPS) and for a lot cheaper. They bang the shit out of you with the price thay charge for a hexagonal piece of plastic.
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    Thanks Man, I am keeping my NFT and 2000 wattters, and starting a mother or two with clones as well as a crop, I have 4 systems in storage in hopes that I can grow commercially some day ..LOL.................................Happy thanksgiving.

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