Physical signs that someone is high

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  1. Euphoric7

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    I decided to make this thread because most of the bullshit used to identify someone who is high is based on lies meant to scare said person into confessing. (ie. Just yesterday I heard a cop who said, "Marijuana makes a thick green film on the smoker's tongue".)

    So... with that being cleared up, what are the actually physical signs that someone is high? And what are some ways to cover them up if the occasion calls?

    Kudos to anyone who mentions something other than "red eyes". :thumbsup:

  2. higher4hockey

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    i dunno man, thats kind of one of those things where if you know.

    kind of like gay guys or lesbians being able to pick each other out in a crowd. just the same as we can all pick each other out (usually).

    i would go with slow reaction times, glazed eyes, being quiet and introverted.. ... talkings slower than normal, different way of talking.... zoning out a lot

    and then theres always the obvious, the long haired hippy in a tie dye t-shirt with sandals and dirty hair saying 'far out' a lot.
  3. Euphoric7

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    I've heard it a lot, but what are "glazed eyes" exactly?
  4. higher4hockey

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    i'll do my best to describe.

    when you look at a person who is sober there eyes have a crystally look to them, shiny and crisp. a stoned person on the other hand who has glazed eyes looks like there eyes have had the sharpness taken away. glazed eyes arent quite as sparkly. they look almost dull.

    im not sure if there really is anything you can do about the glazed look, you can use visine or rhoto-v for the redness, but the glazed look sunglasses are your best attack.
  5. TurnyBright

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    This one dude I know can always tell if I'm stoned, and I don't know how he does it.
  6. flyingimam

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    this totally differs from person to person and depends on the situation as well

    common signs i can think of that i have seen in myself or others, signs that i always try to hide or avoid:

    - obviously red eyes,
    - your upper eyelids may drop a bit
    - my eyes look glossy when high, almost like someone has sprayed a thin layer of cooking oil on them, no matter how much eyedrops i use, the glossyness doesnt go away
    - Mumbling when talking . lower than usual voice (like when u catch a cold)
    - In certain occasions your tongue will look whitish aka "cotton mouth"
    - slow reaction times
    - Slouching posture
    - altered walking, partial lack of balance
    - Paranoia --> bad judgments

    I for one have had control over all of the above, except for the voice, i will have to talk louder, cuz naturally your vocal cords apparently get thicker and thus produce a lower voice due to less vibration.

    and as for the last one, dumb people fall into the 2nd part of it. a 2 car convoy of me and my friends were moving household stuff to my friends new apartment and there were buncha people i didnt know personally in my car who were among the moving team. the u-haul got pulled over, my friend driving it sober didnt have his license on him, we stopped a bit further on the road with cops flash light fixed on us, the people in the car were freakin out, i told them to turn off the blunt and put it into my hiding spot and told them not to move around too much and just relax. I got out high as hell-thankfully got few secs to refresh my eyes and put some cologne on + a gum- and just acted as str8 as i could and went up there and talked to the officer as nicely as possible and explained to him the situation, he let my friend go with a citation and didnt even bother to come check us.

    later i figured one of those fuckers in my car wanted to so stupidly screw us all by gettin out and runnin into darkness. i never ever saw his face again.

    point being: these are not applicable to everyone.
    high confidence and quick/good thinking, can cover your ass, even if u look totally blown into a different dimension!!! there are plenty of situations where u can have symptoms of apparent high and not be high, like sickness or tiredness after work or allergies. the normal (not a nazi one) cop will buy your story based on how u act n how confident u r.
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  7. daihashi

    daihashi Registered+

    Visine or Clear eyes triple protection work for both red eyes and glazed on me. :thumbsup:
  8. daihashi

    daihashi Registered+

    This is false.. you will naturally get a build up on your tongue throughout the day regardless if you smoke or not. :hippy:

    Go a day without smoking and then check your tongue the next morning when you wake up :thumbsup:
  9. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    i didnt say it happens to everyone. you are correct in this matter. however my observation tells me that the whitish thing will be distinct from the usual everyday thing in some cases. especially if u dont eat/drink anything after smoke and if u have smoked a good amount your tongue will look yellowish/white.

    again im just sayin my observations, to me, and on a good number of occasions my own tongue looked more whitish than on a usual no smoking day.
  10. daihashi

    daihashi Registered+

    I'm a recent smoker... before I started smoking I got this as well.

    The coat on your tongue is the exact same buildup you get on your teeth if you don't brush them for 1-2 days. It's not unique to smoking is all I'm saying and it is possible that smoking increases the build up (since you're burning something), however this is not a physical determining factor if someone is high or not.

    I know you say you're basing it of your observations but it happens to everyone.. smokers and non smokers alike.

    The other things you posted are pretty much true, just depends on what type of person you are.

    I'm high just about all the time and you're right, it has to do with the level of confidence you portray. I'm always cracking jokes so that's how people know me.. coincidentally I'm also more lax when I'm high so this works out in my benefit. People just think I'm being the same old funny/sarcastic/sassy daihashi :hippy:

    ie: Just to give everyone an idea... one time I ate a cookie at work and was blazed off my ass.. eyes turned bloodshot and I had no eye drops. I told everyone I had dirt fly up into my eye and it was hurting my eyes and sinuses.. Everyone believed me.

    Another time.. similar situation. I was so blazed for the first time in just about ever I had a hard time focusing or making sense. People suspected something was up so I told them I popped too many Unisom (OTC sleeping medication) and now I felt all groggy and drugged. they told me to take it easy and to nap to try to get it out of my system.

    Just like you said it's all how you play out the situation.
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  11. Euphoric7

    Euphoric7 Registered+

    A lot of these symptoms of similar to those of staying up WAAAY too late. Is there any way to look more... well, awake?
  12. Reefer Rogue

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    You can tell people are stoned if they're happy, relaxed, munching out. I think you can really tell by the eyes, not necessarily red, but droppy. Also, i doubt a stoned person would be the most energetic, not screaming or shouting, unless they're watching chappelle and are laughing their ass off.
  13. MIDNIGHTspecial

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    dude, are you high right now?

    One thing that I've noticed when I'm high is that if I stand still for too long, i'll start to sway, so I guess loss of balance is one thing. Also, friends have told me that when I'm high I can't shut the fuck up.
  14. jimmy8778

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    most of the time when your high, people look smug, not really happy, not witholding of anything, and not necessarily smarter than you, but they look like they could be, along with the hint of a smile at each corner of their smile.

    Jaw will be loose in the mouth, though the lips may still be closed, giving your whole face an overall relaxed look, and the lack of tense muscles.
  15. silkyblue

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    aww thats cruel

    Id find new and improved friends


    I have a co-woker she 'holds her eyes wide open' when shes stoneded

    gives her cover away ever time


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