Pics of my first indoor grow!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Theac74, Dec 17, 2009.

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    I just finished my room a couple of months ago so here are some pics of the first indoor grow Ive ever tried. I found a hermi yesterday and Im not sure if it pollinated the room or not. There were two or three sacs busted on it but needless to say, it's no longer in there. Do you think its worth finishing? I have heard thats where you get feminized seeds from. The pick of close up is the hermi. Dates are wrong on pics too lazy to set camera!

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  2. whenwethc

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    congrats on the ladies.!

    whats the strain/strains?
  3. Theac74

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    Sorry for the long absence but have been really busy with other probs. One is supposed to be a skunk cross with orange crush and the other is sup. to be tutti frutti cross with bubblegum. Both were gifted by a friend who passed away several years ago. I have been growing outdoors for along time and have been able to sustain the strain luckily.
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    6th wk

    Here are last wks picks. Its almost harvest time!!!:jointsmile:

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  5. twitch

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    where ever you heard that hermis drop feminized seeds is a load of shit
    if you take seeds from a hermi when u pop those seeds you have even greater
    chances of getting more hermis its not worth its i tried its it was a horrible
    failure just smoke the weed and pick out the seeds i wouldnt use them but hey
    i ma not a professional

    if hermis dropped fem seeds every one would have light leaks and would stress
    there plants to get the to hermi who ever said that needs to be slapped

    but your grow looks great keep up the work
  6. twitch

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    you posted that hermi comment a month ago and no one caught it, this site
    has gone to shit. back when i first signed up a thread like this one would be 6
    pages deep in a month, your grow is fucking great not enough people on this
    site any more that give a fuck it seems i am not saying there aren't people that
    care, it is just a ghost town....

    *steps off soap box and quietly leaves the forum*
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    From what I have read you are wrong about the hermi thing twitch. If you stress a non genetic herm into a male flower or three they will be full of female pollen. So maybe the good ol days were really the wrong ol days.
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