pics of the mango.

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    kc brains mango....1st week of flowering...i have a haze plant next to it thats about 6 1/2 feet tall its getting scarry i had to pull her of that next time i go through sometime in august....heres pics of the mango..

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    very nice middieman440,they look great!! will you be keeping this thread updated? if so i will be back man i want to see the keep up the good work!! oh, you didnt pull up that 1 up did you? well i will try and let you see one of mine here soon..i have not yet started a thread but i do have 1 that is flowering now!! :pimp:
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    thanks dude..i will keep this updated..and i hope it goes well....i didnt pull the other one just bent her over and tide the top all the branches will grow upwards and increase yeild..if that is true..

    i just hope the mango goes good i have read bad things about the breeders who made the strain..saying it goes hermie...but i will have to find out myself..

    im planning on crossing it with blue cheese"barneys farm"that also finishes by the end of september "as thats what the description said"

    has anyone tried mango from kc brains??????
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    new pics

    hey peoples here are some new pics sorry for the quality....but there def other plant still no sign of sex but it had white hairs on it a few months ago due to the hopefully its still female..i ripped one huge male today i was bummed thing was almost 8 ft tall.....the mango is rought 3 weeks maybe shorter....but its around 3 weeks and the buds are everywheres...\
    ? on some branches the leaves around the bud are purple..just on a branch or two...

    what should i add for bud ferts to get some weight on these ladys im currently using 15-30-15 miracle grow.....

    i want something with very low N high P and low K

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    Nice stuff, I ran a KC cross with Mango in it and loved the results. Top shelf all the way. Very cerebral and no morning fuzzy when smoking at night.
  6. middieman440

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    a new pic

    hey guys took this pic today just one of the lower side branches....hard to take a full pic because the sun is so bright... i forget how long it has been flowering...only a few thinking end of september as they say.

    what you guys think...and also what and how can i add stuff make the buds swell up im feeding 15-30-15 mg bloom booster...but i wanna back of the nitrogen.....what can i use

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    looking great... keep doing what your doing

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