pinching the the tips of leaves?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by Th3 sand m4n, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Th3 sand m4n

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    just like the title says has any one heard of this technique?

    "Another still-experimental process to increase the resin it to pinch off
    the leaf tips as soon as they appear from the time the plant is in the seedling
    stage on through its entire life-span. This produces a distorted,
    wrecked-looking plant which would be very difficulty to recognize as marijuana.
    Of course, there is less substance to this plant, but such wrecked creatures
    have been known to produce so much resin that is crystallizes a strong hash all
    over the surface of the plant - might be wise to try it on a plant or two and
    see what happens."
  2. Abattoir Dream

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    well, ugly plants are, ugly... and im sure you can get just as much from a normal plant if you grow it properly
  3. socialinjustice

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    yea ive heard that before, i tried it on my first grow, had 3 females and tried it on one, to tell ya the truth the plant i did this too was my smelliest plant in the end, i dont know if it was because of this but there does seem to be a little correlation at least. try it. its not gonna kill anything
  4. u.g.u

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    basicly your are creating stress to get it to produce natural hormones that will in effect give you more crystals but also slows the plant down for a lower yeild. there is a product you can foliar spray on the plants that gets them to give you the same effect but with no stress so more crystals with the same vigorious gowth like normal. harpin protien is what you are looking for it activates the plants natural sar defense system. I have been messing with it the last few grows and seen some pretty dramatic increases in resin. the product is called messenger its by eden bio science its cheap $3 a pack and that is enough for a crop.
  5. doco

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    Ok, now you've got my full attention. That Messenger looks interesting but I'm still trying to wrap my brain around stress=more resin. I know it's physically stress-free but the plant still thinks an attack is eminent due to the presence of the protein - I guess it makes resins to protect itself?

    It sounds mighty interesting...I did a search and there is a nursery near me that sells it. I may have to check it out. Thanks for the info!
  6. harris7

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    yes, i have hear that the resin is a protective thing. and that some small stresses can increase it. Maybe the smell keeps predators away
  7. Mercsix8six

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    aww man im a do that right now, see what results i get and ill log that in the books hah
  8. stinkyattic

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    The problem is that the most lethal predator on cannabis is HUMANS... well and mites, but the smell seems to attract humans at least ! :D
  9. Th3 sand m4n

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    I was reading something the other day that links cannabis with man by symbiosis. Cannabis develops certain qualitys because man will take care of it and protect it for the specific qualitys.
  10. afghooey

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    Actually... this is just a guess... but I think the stress = more resin thing might be a reproductive issue. When it's exposed to stress, the plant tries harder to reproduce, thus creating more seeds and increasing the chance that its offspring might survive in a harsh environment. Only in the case that there are no males to pollinate, it overcompensates by making more resin.
  11. HighTillIDie

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    you are correct sir that's why sensimilla is so sticky to begin with, it's trying to get knocked up really bad.
  12. Registered+

    A better way to stress your plants would be to add salicylic acid, It is the trigger chemical that tells the plant that it is being attacked, and puts the plant in to stress with no damage at all.
  13. the image reaper

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    or, you could just grow naturally, and avoid stressing the plant ... there is a LONG list of 'tricks' to supposedly trigger more resin response ... I have seen several experiments, and never witnessed ANY improvement, but I have seen it do damage ... it's your plant, have fun with it :smokin:
  14. didubringabongalong

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    hi all i have tip my plants for years now , only the lower tips , not the top one i get good budds down lower , has welll has on top :thumbsup:
  15. mwright707

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    growing any plant for it's product is a sybiotic relationship genius, your helping it grow so it will give you something

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