"Pineapple Haze"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by NteeM, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. NteeM

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    So we picked up some Pineapple Haze. Looks like good dank bud, but smells of intense pineapple fragrance. And, I'm pretty sure that weed, no matter what strain, would smell exactly like an exotic fruit.

    What are your guys thoughts of this? Apparently it's not "laced," but could have perhaps been stored next to pineapple or sprayed even. :hippy:
  2. LaZ

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    It may have been dipped in pineapple juice to give it more appeal if its as strong as you say it is. lol
  3. NteeM

    NteeM Registered+

    Perhaps that's the reason. However it's still pretty clustered with crystals, so wouldn't the water wash many away? It smoked just like any other bud and is a pleasing high.

    I'm guessing it was stored around a pineapple scent or sprayed.

    edit: attaching pic

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  4. yoda

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    i dont trust weed that smells fruity. i think it's sprayed. if it's good though, it's good.
  5. Blitzed

    Blitzed Banned

    shit, i like pineapples, id smoke it.
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  6. melodious fellow

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    i used to get blueberry that i thought was real...... then i saw "blueberry tobacco flavoring" in the store and put 2 and 2 together.....

    if its super high quality kb, then maybe..... but enjoi nonetheless
  7. Tox

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    ya i think its a scam.:wtf:
  8. secretuserman

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    yo man we got that weed in gwinnett, georgia, that shit's good but it wasnt around for long my dealer also had blue dragon, that was the best weed ive ever smoked.
  9. TPot

    TPot Registered+

    We have that shit in Alpharetta GA too...hell I got some right now. It's good.

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