pink hairs on my plant.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by hydrocannabis, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. hydrocannabis

    hydrocannabis Registered+

    pink hairs R on my plant. why is this. I hope she'll flower some big ass flowers.

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  2. epilepticme

    epilepticme Registered+

    Very pretty flowers.

    I think they are fine... either genetics caused the color or climate I would say.
  3. justanotherbozo

    justanotherbozo Registered

    yeah just relax, they look nice and healthy, enjoy!
  4. hydrocannabis

    hydrocannabis Registered+

    wsup. thanks for stopin on in.

    either genetics caused the color or climate. thats what I was thinking also.

  5. IAmKowalski

    IAmKowalski Registered+

    Very pretty actually :) I hope you have a little bit of growing time left before it frosts where you're at?
  6. WhiskeyTango

    WhiskeyTango Registered+

    Just the genetics...plants look wonderfully healthy!
  7. WeLuvGreenTg

    WeLuvGreenTg Registered+

  8. canned abyss

    canned abyss Registered+

    It is just the genetics of that plant.
  9. Revanche21

    Revanche21 Registered+

    It is a genetic factor possibly triggered by climate
  10. hydrocannabis

    hydrocannabis Registered+

    new pictures of her.:D

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  11. hydrocannabis

    hydrocannabis Registered+

    more of them. enjoy.:D

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  12. allrollsin21

    allrollsin21 Registered+

    Those plants look pretty.
    I grew out a THC Bomb x White Widow outdoors this summer. It had completely pink hairs. They were the color of grapefruit flesh, and when they dried they were dark purple. The herb was a darker green so it was almost unnoticeable when dried, but i loved looking at the dark purple hairs! The variations in the Herb mirrors the variation in all life. BEAUTIFUL:jointsmile:
  13. Revanche21

    Revanche21 Registered+

    so purty!
    I wish mine would hurry and flower!

    I put some bananas underneath the plants because I heard they might speed up flowering process lol
  14. PlainJane

    PlainJane Registered+

    Those pink hairs are pretty.

    LOL where did you hear that?
  15. hydrocannabis

    hydrocannabis Registered+

    new pix of her. she stinks so good. she smells like the inside of a cheese factory.

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  16. hydrocannabis

    hydrocannabis Registered+

    the best is yet to come.
    so here it is. she still needs to put on some weight.
    looks great so far right.:D

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  17. hydrocannabis

    hydrocannabis Registered+

    new pix of her. no more pink hairs :(. but the buds R getting bigger.:D:D:D

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  18. dooobster

    dooobster Registered+

    Even without the pinkness, she sure is a sexy lady!
    She look as though she's gonna give up some NICE buddage pretty soon.
    Great job hydro... That's a tree to be proud of :D
  19. silkyblue

    silkyblue Registered+

    very good looking gal looks nice
    needs some meat on her bones

    they get phat

    if ya want brown hairs

    water her with dark
    Karo syrup

    they love Karo

    puff with care
  20. hydrocannabis

    hydrocannabis Registered+

    ok so here is some new pix.:D

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