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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by tblueyes, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. tblueyes

    tblueyes Registered+

    What have you named your pipes and why have you named them that?

    Post pics if you can!
  2. tblueyes

    tblueyes Registered+

    The weird looking thing is named Piggy because it kind of looks like a pig and its a fat lil thing. The tall like thing that is sticking out the back is the choke and you smoke out if his mouth. The bowl is on the back of it a little above the choke.

    The bubbler is named Slummber because in the front of it it has a moon on the front you can kind of see it in the pic. It hits really nice and the choke is hugge so you can take the hit in right after you take your finger of it like nothing happend but it did (lol). This thing will put you to sleep easy with a few massive hits in a matter of seconds.

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  3. i named mine macgyver cause it was made with household items, but no aluminum foil or nothing like that. no pics. sry.
  4. Demon420

    Demon420 Registered+

    I've had a couple pipes and bongs in the past, some of the names were:
    Ol' Blue - Blue glass pipe with a gram bowl
    Bob - Metal Pipe with Bob Marley skin
    Dragon aka King Bong - 2 foot, triple layered glass bong
    Mauwie - Small metal pipe from Hawaii
    Bambii - my Bamboo pipe
    Pecan - A custom wooden pipe carved from a pecan tree branch
  5. daima

    daima Registered+

    Bertha :thumbsup:
  6. LvT

    LvT Registered+

  7. chris420

    chris420 Registered+

    i got 2 pipes, my glass spoon is called mr. peanut and my bubbler is called jiggly puff.
  8. infinitereverie

    infinitereverie Registered+

    my glass pipe was named annabelle... she was sooo tiny and beautiful, blue.... i don't know why, i was stoned one day and looking at her and the name annabelle popped into my head and seemed to fit perfectly... i couldnt get rid of the idea, so the name stuck.

    unfortunately my parents found annabelle and confiscated her... i only hope they haven't thrown her away because she was the first piece i've really loved...
  9. pogmoasal1

    pogmoasal1 Registered+

    the first one is frosty cause the bowl on the in side is frosted when the resin builds up. the second one is blue balls i dont know why..
    we were stoned and that is what someone said

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  10. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    i have:
    a stealth-ass bong that i named mr.giggles (guess why)
    a mini flashlight one-hitter named petey
    and a tin foil (eew!) pipe named lucky but i'm soon to replace it w/ a wooden one named luckius maximus II
  11. jakenthegentiles

    jakenthegentiles Registered+

    umm lets see
    stewie my first glass pipe
    smiley my skull acrilic bong
    o shit im dieing my gas mask ( first time i used it i was choking and couldnt breath and thought i was dieing)
    mr. mojo risen my favorit glass bong that i love and am guan give to my son riley my proto pipe
    huey my other glass pipe
  12. 6DerF9

    6DerF9 Registered+

    I like to call this little guy Jermia



  13. alex0112

    alex0112 Registered+

    Old man rivers- its a sweet corncob type pipe
  14. mynameisbob28

    mynameisbob28 Registered+

    these are the two pieces of mine that are named so far

    The spoon is Anon because I was high and couldnt think of a name, and my girlfriend said Anonymous and I shortened it to Anon. The little bong is Captain Hook, or Hooks.

    and the last pieces is my new bubbler that hasnt been smoked with yet, so no name for now... should be named early next week when I break it in.

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  15. mynameisbob28

    mynameisbob28 Registered+

    haha thanks. my friend bought that for me for my birthday. it was like 40 bucks at a local shop...

    solid investment, it fucking rips.
  16. tblueyes

    tblueyes Registered+

    Your captin there does look nice I agree... I want to get a nice bong.
  17. homemade

    homemade Registered+

    flashlight- homemade flashlight bong- well it is a flash light
    big bertha- black/gray spoon- german artillery gun
    Mrs. Gibb- small wooden pipe-finest woman ever...
  18. slowmotion

    slowmotion Registered+

    ive got a bub named the monster. another bub called king turbo, a pipe named beavis, a pipe named sir charles. a bong called chong. and a chillum that isnt named cuz its a chillum
  19. chillsmoker

    chillsmoker Registered

    This is "Her". I had a big stoned thinking fest and decided the meaning of the word "Her" was a good name for a bong.. Don't ask.


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  20. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    my yellowish bowl is named "Chester Chex" after the Chex mascot me and a few friends made up on a retreat. its not funny to you but it's hilarious to us, because Chester's story is that he goes down to the basketball courts daily to try to fit in but burly black men beat his ass every time. when he's not getting beat up he likes to play with fire, usually burning himself badly.

    my green bowl is named Houdini, i'll try to find the post I made about its story. look below if u want to hear this story.

    and my bong is named The Grim Ripper, which was original for me but then i heard like 500,000 other people named their bong this. it made me pretty upset, i thought i had a genious idea there.

    also i will try to put pics up but i don't have my own digital camera and i've never used my family's so I don't know if when I delete the pictures they actually go away, i don't want them seeing pic

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