Pipe Screens?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by WeThePeople, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. WeThePeople

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    With all this talk about aluminum foil bad for you, arnt the pipe screens aluminum also? i used to you aluminum foil until i noticed i could melt it with a bic lighter.. and saw fumes... so none of that, i hope these screens are steel,
  2. no they're made from brass, steel or nickel...
  3. Nochowderforyou

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    Slipknot is right.

    Metal screen probably aren't the best for you, but they are a clean metal, is that the right word? Lets just say it's much better for you than pop can material.

    For glass pieces though, they do sell small Jax shaped or star shaped glass screens. I use them in my bong, bubbler, and spoon.

    The only one I have a metal screen is, is in my steamroller, but it's made from stone.
  4. they're heavy metals... it's the soft metals that are bad for you (lead, aluminum ect... gold is a soft metal, but i'm not sure if it is harmful in smoking or not....
  5. n00b_Canadian_toker

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    If you're using a glass pipe you don't even need a screen. I actually picked up this little tip by posting a similar question in these very forums when I was starting out.

    You just stick a larger nug at the bottom of the bowl, so you don't suck it all into your mouth but smoke can still get through... no need for a screen with a pipe. :thumbsup: :jointsmile:
  6. Frivolous248

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    Yo but some bowls have a nice sized hole in 'em. And that nug get smaller when it gets burned.

    For example I was smokin' the other night and the last nug got sucked down halfway in the stem of my bubbler. Well I held the lighter down real far and got 3 more hits off the piece of bud that fell threw. Had that been sucked into the water, I woulda been done smokin'. Sure its not a lot, but do you wanna lose 3 hits for every bowl you smoke?

    Glass screens are pretty nice. Not a necessity, but if you are very conservative then you might wanna use 'em.
  7. i don't need a screen for any pipe/bong.. but i don't shred my shit when i'm going to be using a bowl anyways.... 4, maybe 5 peices...
  8. Cornelius

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    i like to use a screen for my bowl so that i don't suck a bunch of ash through. I do not enjoy that. but i do enjoy weed.
  9. iPot

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    Either way its still better than smoking any of that dirty tobacco shit.
  10. hogikiamay

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    ya that foil shit has powders n stuff on it from it being made and i guess its bad for u.. i have never had to use it before
  11. xcrispi

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    Brass -n- Stainless steel are the 2 most common screen materails .
    Crispi :jointsmile:
  12. 4gan2ja0

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    screens are fine to smoke with, not the greatest thing but waaaaaay beter than aluminum foil. as for glass, id strongly suggest glass screens; they keep bud from falling through and you aint smoking shit but the buddah, quite quality:thumbsup:
  13. Chieftain WeedGuyver

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    I'm gonna quote the chick from my local head shop.

    "If you grind your 'tobacco' what you want to do is grab some and roll it into a nice compacted ball and then drop it into the pipe before filling it up. It'll keep the rest of it slipping through and it'll all be fine."

    I tried that last night with my new bubbler and it works pretty good. Most the residue in the water was from when I changed the bowl, then I just repeated the whole rolling of the ball before filling it up.

    BTW: if you plan to smoke a lot, you might wanna roll a couple of little balls before you start smoking, cause it gets REALLY hard and it seems so time consumig when you're high.
  14. amoeba666

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    Actually the best and safest material for screens is stainless 309 in particular. Brass is particularly bad as it emits toxic vapors at critical temps.
  15. Shovelhandle

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    first post, resurrect a ten year old post and ad a hot link to wtf?

    No, stainless screen is non-reusable, non-refundable. ok?
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    Looks like the Admin is on the ball.
    That spammer is toast.

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