Pistils white green! Need the pros!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by kdub82, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. kdub82

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    Ok If preflowering starts does that mean the pistils are green at first and change white or do they come out white? Im not sure what im looking at but I think I have seen maybe a couple white pistils. That is why I am asking this questions.. Thinks for the help in advance. And please dont tell me to read because I read on here ALL the time. There is alot of smart peeps on this site.
  2. headshake

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    pistils are always white. perhaps you are looking at the stipules? these are found on the stem at the noedes.

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  3. kdub82

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    Ok, you are right! Thanks alot Headshake! Its people like you that I know I can count on! Ok, another question. If im understanding everything right is it true that a plant can still turn into male after it starts flowering and if so what is the best way to prevent that. OHHH, one more if you guys dont mind. If you have 2 plants outdoors and they are about 5 feet apart and one turns male and one is female do you immediately cut the male down or do you leave it up and for how long?
  4. Italiano715

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    Yes, they can turn male during flowering if stressed too much during the flowering phase. This is what we call a hermie (hermaphrodite) meaning containing both male (pollen) and female parts (pistils/flowers). Best way to avoid it is don't stress the plant and if inside no light exposure during the dark period in flowering.

    Yes, the wind from outside can easily pollinate your whole crop making it seedy. If you want seedless bud remove the male immediately after confirming that it is indeed a male.
  5. kdub82

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    Thanks so much for the info! Do hermies produce buds or not? I am just trying to get my facts right so next year I will be up to date on my shit! Any extra info any of you guys have please let me know.. I need anything I can use!
  6. Hempsouth

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    Hermie bud sux IMO, most of the time once nanners show the plant is trying to produce pollen so it ruins the flower. One or two nanners on a big budding plant would be OK just cut those buds off, but if the whole thing starts throwing nanners I'd chop it.
  7. kdub82

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    Thanks Hempsouth! Can someone please give me the link that tells what all the terms mean on this sight? I seen it once but cant seem to find it? *stops and thinks hmmm maybe it was on another site* Any extra information, someone else or who has already helped me, wants to give will be GREATLY appreciated. ANYTHING! Thanks again guys! I will get pics of the 2 plants up tomorrow or tuesday. They wont be close up because I cant figure out how to get the camera to focus in on a real close shot!
  8. LetsSeeYa

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    Man you learn a lot by reading grow logs. Because questions are asked and answered. Then ya learn how to fix problem with your plants. Also, when ya read a good one and you can tell when there good, things are explain as there done. I just read and read. When i had a question i would ask in the grow log i made, but i always try to find answers before asking. You gotta remember these guys get the same questions everyday. Something i just learned. Check out the basic growing section too, it helps:Rasta:
  9. Italiano715

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    Spot on! It does get a bit tiring answering same questions day in and day out. So I would definitely recommend reading EVERY sticky in each sub-forum and then read everything in here

    Happy growing! :jointsmile:
  10. kdub82

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    Well I apologize for asking another question! You guys arent understanding how much I am reading and learning from this site! I am not just asking these questions for fun and Im not just some punk kid trying to grow in his parents house. I am asking because I really want to know and when I do see similar questions half of them arent answered or they are not answered by people whom I feel are talented enough to answer them that is why I am asking you guys because I know you know the answers. I will stop asking questions and just let my plants do what they do. sorry for your time. and please no smartass comments after this because I am in NO WAY trying to be a smartass or anything like that..I respect alot of people on here because I have read a whole hell of alot and I know who is fit to answer the questions that people ask and I listen to them. Thank you so much for everyones time! Until then, grow smoke live!
  11. headshake

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    *removed kdub's panties from the wad they were in!*

    where did the outburst come from? just like you are taking others comments out of text yours can be taken the same way. no one even commented about your question asking, i think seeya was just giving his $.02. and italiano was just backing it up.

    just like you've done your reading and know who to trust/listen to, the ones answering have been paying attention and know who does their research.

    if you are going to let that ruffle your feathers then you best just move along now. sometimes it just because we can't see the emotion on someones face through text. other times it's just outright being rude. it happens, it's inevitable. so if you are gonna be a bird don't be an ostritch, be a phoenix! (you know and rise from the ashes and stuff!)

  12. kdub82

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    Ok Im sorry shake and everyone that I offended I was NOT trying to do that in anyway.. I respect you guys deeply and was just needing some answers and I have done research but I guess not enough (ill keep on) No harm intended in what I posted again Im sorry. Does you guys seeya, italiano715, shake) accept my apology?

    P.S. Thanks for getting my panties out of my ass!
  13. headshake

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    no harm done. apology accepted. just get some thick skin. there is plenty of help and a wealth of information and knowledge around here. it would be a shame to let silly words stand in the way of you and it!

  14. kdub82

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    I know it and thanks alot for setting me straight! I need people like you guys for your help and wisdom! It was all just took out of context. I just want my first grow to be a good one. I have 2 plants about 4 1/2 feet tall and they look Healthy and great.. One thing that I have read and learned is that when you leave it up to nature everything goes alot slower when it comes to the process of growing cannabis. I tell ya Im ready to see some flowers ya know.. they are just a lil over 4 months old and havent seen anything yet. I havent used anything but putting a little rat poo poo aound the base of the plant about a month ago.. slow slow slow. but im patient I suppose. Good luck to all the growers out there!
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  15. Italiano715

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    ~No harm, No Foul~

    No need to apologize to me! I'd be a bit frustrated sometimes too if I was a complete n00b and had a simple question that could be answered. Thing is though, I did that a couple of times in the beginning then just said f**k it and started reading as much as I can. That way when the questions do come they will have more thought to them rather than just one of those, "hey, my plant has spots on them! Any help?!" type of questions with no pictures and too lazy to try find the answer themselves. Or even fill out the troubleshooting form in the sub-forum they are ALREADY in. Like this one from today!

    People just like to see you do your own research before they chime in. Trust me, you hang around long enough, get to know some people, do your homework, and help out where you can you will get a lot more respect from more of the "older" crowd already in here. Then with that, maybe some of your questions then will have more knowledge behind them! Remember with knowledge comes wisdom my friend!

    But really, that link I sent you in a previous post is chock full of goodies! I'd bookmark that site!

    Happy Growing! :jointsmile:
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  16. kdub82

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    Thanks bro! Im just going to continue to read and read and read ( ive been on here for 9 hours now) wooo! Ill be around somewhere! I just have one question like a asked one other time.. Did I see that dictionary of terms on this site or another?
  17. Italiano715

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  18. headshake

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    i think there is one around here somewhere. i'm there are others on other forums.

    what words are you needing defined?

  19. Stoner38024

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    can a hermie also be in the seeds traits?
    like it will be hermie no matter what u do or dont do to it?

    not meaning to thread jack, just thought i would ask.

  20. kdub82

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    Thanks Italiano

    Oh nothing in particular Shake. I just would like to know where I saw it incase I do run upon something that needs defining!

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