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Discussion in 'Texas (TX)' started by TheBearJew, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Hi, I'm new to posting on the forums, and I was just looking to connect with some people in the area.

    First, I think I'll lay out a rough overview of how I became the Stoner you see before you. I grew up in the Plano area(Plano Sr. High represent!), and as those who live in the area know calling it "slightly conservative" probably doesn't do it justice. Using the word's weed, pot, or hippie generally got me comment's like "oh, *sigh* your from that liberal &*#$ hole called California."
    I grew up with aging hippies for parents that longed for the nostalgia of the 70's "free love", and they told me countless tales of the joyful times they had high. However, they were quick to remind me that I was in Texas and I was amongst people that love a good old hippie hunt. Therefore I had to make it through my formative years by hiding my true identity as a hippie. Moving right along, so as to keep a long story short, I graduated High School and double timed it down to the Hippie Enclave of Texas known as Austin(UT Austin Represent!) to be with rest of my kind. It was in Austin I was finally able to indulge myself in the wonderful substance known as marijuana, and it was just as good as my parents had led me to believe. Finally, I was with a group of like minded people, all Film Majors like myself...
    However, to my dismay I have recently been forced to put all that on pause because I have taken a year off college to help deal with my grandparent's who are in ill health.

    So, here I am back in Plano, completely dry(unless I want to make a run to Austin), for one year. Thing is, everyone I knew got the hell out like me. So I was hoping to meet some new people in the area to help me pass the time until I go back to college next winter. So please hit me up if your in the area.
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    hey any luck since being back? i havent.
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    Ahh, Plano, where you;re more likely to find a bag of heroin instead of a bag of bud.

    Born there, man. Got out back in 93.

    Good luck, I feel for you brother!

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