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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by bluntwiz, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. bluntwiz

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    just wanted to post a couple pics of one of my plants.. the strain is unknown (bag seed) LST and topped, its just starting its 5th week of flower and I just wanted to hear your opinions?

    im just worried the buds might be a bit small for 4 weeks of flower..

    what do you think?

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  2. brainfood33

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    Your plant looks pretty good to me!
    I have a plant at exactly the same stage as yours (starting 5th week of flower today) and my buds are smaller but then I have had some health and stress issues.

    Looking at the leaves of your plant, it could be mostly Sativa (same as mine with long, thin leaf fingers) and therefore it will have a much longer flowering time, at least 10 weeks but possibly more than that depending on how much Sativa she is.
    Some pure Sativas can take 16 weeks to flower!

    What type of light are you using?
    How tall is the plant?
    How much Veg time did you give it?
    How many litres/gallons is the pot?
  3. bluntwiz

    bluntwiz Registered+

    hi thanks for your reply.

    well to answer your questions:

    i let it veg for 1month and half -- im not sure what the size of the pot is but its the biggest i had! im using a 400hps to flower.

    yeah i think you are right about it being mostly sativa.. i plan on letting it ripen for while -- 10 weeks should be plenty!
  4. LuciferN

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    My plant are flowering for 23 days now and you're girls seems to have really bigger buds. You're plant is great.
  5. brainfood33

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    No problem.

    The reason I asked about veg time and pot size is that your plant may be rootbound (too big for the pot).
    This is the problem I recently faced which lead to slow bud growth and is NOT a problem you wat to encounter because if left unattended, it could ruin your plant.

    So far, it looks fine but if you start to encounter yellowing/browning of the leaves and a lack of bud development, this might be your problem.
    However, confirmation of your plant height and pot size will confirm if this is anything to worry about.

    Also, don't decide now that "10 weeks should be fine" for ripening times.
    Your plant will tell you when she is ready for harvest and if she is very Sativa, this won't be enough. Chopping before this time (trichomes turning cloudy/amber and pistols mostly turning orangy) will result in less potent weed and probably less quantity too as the buds fatten up at the very end!

    Good luck! I'll race you to the harvest! ;)
  6. bluntwiz

    bluntwiz Registered+

    well the pot is like 3 gallons i would say and i transplanted it right before flowering so i dont think its rootbound... the plant itself isnt very tall... from rim of pot to top of tallest stem, its like about 15 inches...

    i have other strains growing in the same room aswell including some indicas so i will be harvesting in steps. =)

    i ll post pics of the buds once dried/cured

    good luck with your grow too!
  7. brainfood33

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    15"? Photos can be deceiving cause I thought that was about 4 foot tall!
    You'll have no problems with that then and should get yourself some lovely Sativa in a couple of months. :)
  8. bluntwiz

    bluntwiz Registered+

    haha i wish it were that big!! lol
    nah its still rather short..
    but yeah i cant wait for them to finish! im so impatient...
  9. bluntwiz

    bluntwiz Registered+

    plants starting their 8th week

    hey all just thought id post a few pics of my grow.

    the pics are kinda crappy quality because the HPS was on.

    1 more week an a half to go!!!

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