Plant in ground, or use grow bags?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by drudown11, May 1, 2010.

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    alright so i got a spot cleared out but i am stuck on whether to use grow bags or just plant in the ground.

    The soil is a little sandy with some clay. It wouldnt be too bad of soil if i could amend it, but I cant pack anything in that wont fit in a back pack.

    This is where i figured grow bags would work. I just have to pack a growbag filled with FF ocean forest up to my spot(many times because i plan on having a nice patch) and then i dont have to worry about shitty soil. MY MAIN concern is that during the heat of the summer I wont be able to come up every other day, so i dont want them to dry out. If i plant them in the ground then they will stay wet a little longer and the risk of drying out isnt as bad.

    I have 17 clones and 9 seedlinngs that i am hardening off as we speak. Im an indoor hydroponic grower so outdoor is a little new. When i have a problem indoors, I have to power to manipulate and create the environment. Now i feel so power less, cause when they get cold i cant just put a space heater in there!! Its like a father watching his kids grow up

    If anyone has a similar situation or has any input I wouold appreciate it.
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    Plant them out in the ground. If you tote some good soil back there your plant will grow into the good soil better then your clayish stuff, but i know you know this. But by using good soil your roots will grow better and bigger ending with a better yield.

    20lbs of good top soil should not be to bad to get out there. Id just take a bag or two at a time till ya got a good mess of it tho. The more and the deeper the better ending yield.

    Yep your right, the bags will dry out, but the ground will help keep them moist, or at least alive till you can get water to them. Its a good idea to put your grows near a water source if possible.

    Dont put all your plants in one spot. Way to easy to spot from a plain or people that just might pass by. You know what they say about eggs dont ya, well these are more important then eggs:thumbsup:

    3 OR 4 plants per spot id advise. Maybe take a drive an look for a creek or water source to plant next to, so you dont have to check them as much and concentrate on 1 or 2 good patches. Then everything in the other areas will be fine, if the are close to water. Weed is a weed and it grows great outside, i think you will enjoy it. Just by getting them ready now helps them survive the bugs, cuz that and animals are going to be your main concern.

    Good luck an il be starting my log here soon, so feel free to post anything and good luck man, cuz outside growing is different like ya said, but huge difference in yield:thumbsup:plus its a lot of fun. Gets ya closer to nature:thumbsup:

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    i know what u mean about feeling powerless, im in a similar situation this is my first outdoor grow, all u can do is sit back and hope for the best and let nature take its cause reali and help where u can...

    check out my thread if u want

    happy growing:thumbsup:
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    Very nice advice!:D
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    Uhuh!, I started way too I'm pruning plants to make them transportable to their final home!

    Damn things got too tall.

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