Plant in shock, I don't know weather to keep the lights on or turn them off

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by DrSeuss, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. DrSeuss

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    Ok, so the deal is, I only had one pot for two plants, so i took the plants out and seperated the pot with plastic. Anyway, during this process, half of both root systems were destoyed :( So when I put them back in at a 24/0 veg cycle, the leaves just kinda turned completely down. So to help the root system grow back, I turned the lights off and they seemed to improve, the leaves were straight up again. So I turned them back on and within an hour, they were back down. So I had the lights off for about 7 hours last night, turned them on this morning, and at this time, the leaves are like halfway. I guess they are improving, but my question is, should I just keep them on 24/0 right now, or turn the lights off tonight, then resume the 24/0 tomarrow? (btw the soil was damp and was watered today)
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  2. SAP420

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    My thought would be that they only do that when the light is on.... then maybe they are getting too hot. What kind of temp are you keeping the growspace around? Heat will make the plants wilt a bit. Make sure you have a way of keeping the heat in check.
  3. SAP420

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    Also don't water too much either cuz that can cause the problem. You should only water when the top layer of the soil is dry to the touch.
  4. DrSeuss

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    oh, ok, thank you, i'm about to raise my lamp... :jointsmile:
  5. bayareapurps

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    u shouldnt have them on 24/0 dude thats why your plants r tweaked out.... put them on 18/6 n they will do much better... your plant grows at night.... so if u dont have a bedtime for them they will either be hermaphradite... or shocked to death...
  6. SunnyD

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    Not true

    Yes plants do grow at night, but a lot of people have had great success with 24/0 veg lighting
  7. bayareapurps

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    yes it is true... your plantswont grow untill u shut off the light... so if u do 24/0 for how ever u wont see a MAJOR defference untill u shut off light .... like with sativa's the trick is too shut off lights for 3 days.... THEY WILL GROW..... like 1 -2 feet.... your plants needs to rest it's alive... so think off it how would u feel if u were up 24/7 wid no sleep u wouldnt function right... well plants r the same...
  8. cigarettes42

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    wow you should be banned for giving advice like that. ive always vegged in 24/0 and always had no problems... there is nothing wrong with the lights on 24 hours for veg. some people say it vegs faster some people just say that it wastes electric. if you shut your lights out for 3 days your going to shock the plant into flowering stage then possibly herm if you keep doing that
  9. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    LOL!!! I've NEVER run 18/6.
    By your logic, I should NEVER have had any plants grow!

    Here's a good rule to follow:
    If you are convinced that your plant is in shock from transplant, root trimming, root rot, etc., MAINTAIN your previous light schedule and DECREASE the intensity of the light. The thrid thing I do is do a LIGHT foliar mist of an anti-transpirant- lately I've been using SMC leaf shine.

    The point is, photoperiod changes add stress. So don't change that. But if your plant is transpiring water faster than the roots can replace it, you're in trouble, so slow the plant down by raising the lights.

    I have a 'backup' t5 fixture in my grow room so if I have a problem I can just kill the HIDs and run flourescent until the danger has passed.
  10. DrSeuss

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    oh, ok, thanks stinky. my plants are already doing better, most of the leaves are looking up :)
  11. bayareapurps

    bayareapurps Registered+

    u will have a shoter plant but clser nodes thats really about it oh yeah not to forget the high eletric bill.... i do 18/6 n use liquid light n average 6 inches a day.... i see how much they grow every day in vegg... n i use a couple 1000's n my room so i dont need to go 24/0 n when u turn off the light's for a day your plant will grow like shit cause it thinks it's gonna die... thats a trick to try... but do it right b4 bloom it will reset your plants internal clock
  12. Dreadscale

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    Photo period question

    Hey all!!! :thumbsup:

    24/7 or 18/6 they both work fine for me.

    My question is, under which lighting schedule will my plants grow taller, faster? or Is the growth rate related more to the light intensity?

    As of the moment I only use 24/7 then into 12/12.

    All input is very welcome and sorry DrSeuss, I'm not trying to jack your thread.
  13. Rusty Trichome

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    Heat stress will do exactly what you described to an injured plant. Like stinky said...raise the lights, and spray the leaves every once in a while. (keep them lightly hydrated) After a few days, will likely see some die-off which is natural. A few days after that, should start seeing the new growth.

    6" a day? Every day...? Bullshit. I would give my left nut to get a cannabis plant that grows 40ish inches per week indoors. Your disinformation is quite amusing, tho. (full veg height in a amazing fantasy)

    But seriously...Where do you get your information from...? I would think twice, before making-up answers to something about which you seem to have no clues about. Especially in the Plant Problems arena. How would you feel if someone gave you bullshit 'opinions', and it killed your plants?
  14. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Well, specific instances in which he has blatantly plagiarized entire posts from other sites, I've actually linked to the originals.
    The rest of it... I dunno, but I'll bet a doctor with a flashlight could point ya in the right direction...
  15. rhizome

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    The funny thing is, ya only have to see the string " purps", and ya know yer dealing with an idiot.

    Yet to see that syllable typed by an intelligent person.
  16. stinkyattic

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    DAmmit it doesn't work. :mad:
  17. Fencewalker

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    Cannabis is a C3 plant, meaning it does not need a dark period. Photosynthesis occurs during the light period.
    So if you want the fastest growth, use 24/0. If you want to decrease your utility bill or keep heat down or whatever, use 18/6.
  18. veggii

    veggii Registered+

    perps I got it! LoL
    I'm going too say the heat Dr Suess heat is more critical indoors !! I just found out hardway. I was looking for drooping leave problems and stumble on your thread. today I figured out why mine were drooping!! My friggin thermostat lied to me!! said it 85 and it was really 95 drove me crazy for a week !! fixed heat no more droopin GL
    always listen to stinky she knowes her shit man :thumbsup:
  19. norcalkush

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    dont underlook the 1000 watt lol i have personaly seen plants grow 3-5 inches a day no joke using sensi grow a&b liquid light, Dr.noDes, and and rizO.... but yet again u se 6 1000's
  20. norcalkush

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    we dhave ultimate weather condition outside in cali... untill u move to cali u can say nuthin bout 6 inches a day... my plants grow 3 inches a day.... im ready to bloom in two weeks..... the first wek i have clones i only give them rhizo n folar nitrogen on the leaves and im at about a foot a week

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