Plant infestation & hard black spots (w pics)

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by uroboros, Nov 9, 2010.

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    I am growing, as a first time caregiver, three plants on my balcony in Hawaii. Two of the plants have been harvested. While I was trimming the leaves off of the third for harvest, I noticed several problems.

    1. Black hard spots that are on the stem and leaves.

    2. an infestation of some kind of bug.

    3. the plants leaves have been yellowing for quite some time. I was told this is normal, but that's obviously a lie.

    Check out the pics to see the evidence of my neglect of my beautiful plant. I THINK this plant is near harvest and want to do so. What is this stuff? How do i get rid/avoid it? and is the bud salvagable?




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  2. uroboros

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    update on infestation: these things are hiding under the bottom sides of the leaves and are winged. there are a lot of them. how do i get rid of these pests?
  3. Akumasensei85

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    I'm suffering from a mild issue of the same thing, SPIDER-MITES. Alcohol and water 50/50.
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    I see a MASSIVE infestation of both whitefly's and Aphids there. :eek:

    Sadly this late in flowering anything you use to kill the bugs will ruin the buds! :(
  5. uroboros

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    I was going to harvest the plant tomorrow morning. I've cut most of the infected leaves off & disposed of them. Will the buds be affected by the mites or whiteflies or whatever they are if I dry them indoors?

    Are there any suggestions at all about how to remove these things quickly so I can start dryin asap? Or is this a total loss for this poor once beautiful plant?

    & When the above poster says 50/50 alcohol and water, is that a spray?

    (I'm an extreme amatuer at this and fell into caring for these plants just recently. I have not read the literature in depth yet.)
  6. canniwhatsis

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    Yes, that's a spray.

    If your going to cut the plant today, there's nothing that can be done other than cut off every leaf that has a bug on it.

    problem lay's in the fact that there are bugs down deep in the buds, and that becomes your patients problem to smoke.

    A: your patients are smoking bug's not bud,
    B: The bugs reduce potency by destroying the plant.
  7. uroboros

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    I harvested several large buds that seem to be clean of any SIGN of pests. These were usually near the top at the end of the stems. The rest of the buds are too infested for me to consider using.

    What can I do to ensure that these few buds will dry properly? Or should I make hash of 'em?

    Other question: How do I discretely dispose of a marijuana plant in an apartment building?
  8. LetsSeeYa

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    I might just make hash from the rest of the plant, this way you can get the most potency and can get rid of the bug at the same time.

    I would just put your left over materials in the garbage. Just add some crap to it and tie the bag well. I dont think the trash dudes look in trash bags to much, lol.

    Good luck:Rasta:
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  9. uroboros

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    Thank ya'll for your help!

    So, should i spray the remaining infested buds with a 50/50 h2o/alcohol solution before I make hash? I was thinking of using sieves. Again, I'm a total noob. I'm just now getting through a how-to book.
  10. LetsSeeYa

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    You will learn everything you want to know here, but i bought a couple books myself. The pics are nice, but while growing and reading here, your going to learn fast:thumbsup:

    Keep up the good work bro:Rasta:
  11. WashougalWonder

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    That mix can destroy trichomes.
  12. smkallday25

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    Tiny black bugs.. mites?

    I have been reading and researching about this tiny almost microscopic size black bugs that are almost spider looking (guessing mites) and leaves brown and black spots on leaves, I only see the live I guess adult ones on the bottom of leaves. I'm needing more info on this neem oil... does it damage if flowering already? any known affects on trichomes? how many applications does it take during the treatment time of a week or two? Just any info to help out would be great!!! Thanks a bunch!:thumbsup:
  13. WashougalWonder

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    First, the bugs are not spider mites in the above pictures.
    Neem can be used as a foliar spray up to 4 weeks from harvest. It can be used in the soil up to 2 weeks before harvest and not effect anything except bugs.

    DO NOT SPRAY 50/50 alcohol/water. It will dissolve the trichomes and then work on killing the plant.

    If this continues, start your own thread and use the troubleshooting form.
  14. MadSativa

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    they look like spider mites to me but it is hard to see, but I agree neem oil should have been used and next time pre spray with neem and azatrol during foiler feeding.

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