Plant Leaves are turning yellow, 1st grow. 3 week old plants. HELP. PICTURES!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by skankygrower, Aug 25, 2012.

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    photo (3).JPG Hello Fellow Growers, My name is Skanky. Im relatively new to growing. This is one of my first grows. Im growing 1 plant, Keeping it inside under 1 Light Just to start ( I know its not alot, But i will upgrade to 3 shortly). Every 2 weeks, I go to my dads house, So I have to leave them outside for 2 days. They do fine and all when i come back. I water them the day before i leave. I usually have my plant inside a white box inside my closet. The light sits about 4 inches above the plant. A couple days ago, The leaves were perfectly green, But also a couple days ago, There wasent a 3rd set of leaves growing.

    All im here to ask is What Im doing wrong inorder for my plants to turn yellow. photo (3).JPG photo (3).JPG

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    I`m fairly new to growing also, your picture is very blinding so it's hard to see, personally i'd check if:

    What kind of light are you using? Is your light too close? If it's a big light it might be to hot, put your hand where your plant is and see if the feeling of the light is uncomfortable.
    Are you giving nutes? Make sure not to give too much! 1/4 Strength is plenty at first.
    When you water, make sure water comes out the bottom and don't water it for a few days until the soil starts getting dry, although your leaves don't seem to be drooping it could be overwatering anyways.
    I water my newly potted clones once every 2-4 days.

    I don't know if leaving them outside for a few days then back inside can affect them, I've heard it's not a good idea but like I said, I'm not an expert quite yet! Hope this helps a bit!
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    The other pictures are in the paragraph of my writing, That one is much more clear. The one that says attachd in the little box is the messed up picture. Thanks for the info. Im using a Halogen light.
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    I don't think that's a good idea? Go to the hardware store and buy 2-3 23w Fulorecent bulbs... theyre about 5$ each, I'm pretty sure that the light you're using isn't the best thing ;) Dont forget those lights get hot as hell up close so you have to back em up, but backed up they have no effect... CFL's have good light and are cool to the touch!
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    sounds like u have 2 things that might be going wrong, first what type of light r u using? it needs to be a fluorescent or a cfl preferably 60 watts cool white for seedlings up until they r ready to transplant to their permanent spot these need to be kept no more than 2" from the tops of the plants at all times which means you will have to adjust them probably every other day this will keep the plant from developing stretch, you want to keep about an inch between nodes for properly grown plants. second water only when the soil is dry crusty on top and the container feels really light which depending on the size of the container and the drainage is every 2 to 3 days. hope this helps

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