Plant Size to Pot Size Ratio

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by greenscreen, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. greenscreen

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    Can someone explain to me how the plant size to pot size ratio breaks down?

    What is the height per foot to pot size broken down?

    I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.
  2. Purple Daddy

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    I've read about 1.5 gallons per foot of growth is ideal but I stand to be corrected. I've also read of 12 foot plants growing from 5 gallon buckets. I'd presume genetics also plays a part. General rule of thumb is the deeper/larger the hole the larger the plant, my brother digs 6 foot holes and grows 12-14' plants. He told me a neighbor would dig one giant hole and grow one plant nearly 20 foot tall.
  3. Farmer Rich

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    I'm sure there's not a constant ratio. It's actually going to be a function of veg time and will also be highly strain dependent as far as the total height of the plant achieved during stretching in the flowering phase. Most sativa's can get pretty tall. You can limit the height of a plant through the container size, as an example, a plant in an 25 gallon container will get much larger than one in a 7 gallon container.

    What I have noticed that seems fairly constant is that I typically get yield numbers similar to container size. I like using Pro-Can pots (standard nursery containers) and with a #2 I always get about 2 oz per plant dried, with a #5, I get about 5 oz per plant.. Seems to be similar on the #7's I use now.

    Peace, Farmer Rich
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  4. evertking

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    all of those are good point.. I have seen some massive happy plants in 2 gal sacks.
  5. Dexter007

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    like allready sayd all depends of the strain,surrounding conditions and how much knowledge and work you but in the plant...
    and i defently agree with EVERTKING,i saw the same before hoho they were happy ladys in a small dress=)

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