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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by rbush, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. rbush

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    hey all, another begginer question
    im growing a white widow (2 plants)
    i noticed that 1 of them is rly rly dense!
    i mean.. leaves everywhere and the nodes are very clouse (like 1cm even less)
    is that good?
    im asking because the light cant get to the main stem or branches
    what should i do? trim or leave it?

    they are currently 3-4 weeks old on veg
  2. keylime

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    That's what scissors are for. At that stage of growth, trim any branches you don't want. I suspect you will want the growth upward, so cut the bottom branches and clean up any areas you think may hinder good growth.
  3. rbush

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    alright ill try that!
    i want to start flowering in about 2 weeks
    is it ok to trim and after 2 weeks flower?
    and how many can i trim? i dont want the plant to enter stress or something
    i tried to gently fold down the branches with the big leafs (to let the light pass through)
    and 2 of them kinda snapped, they still hangin on the main stem, only a bit snapped :)

    and where i need to cut the branch?
    in the middle of it? in the start where its clouser to the main stem? or at the end just before the leaf itself?
  4. rattlingdags

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    If you still want to save those broken branches just gently wrap a bit of tape around them like a bandage. If they're not too far gone you've got a good chance of them healing up fine.
    I'm a very minimal trimmer myself and do all training during veg, so I won't go into the 'I've read this or that' regarding how much to trim etc, but if I am cutting anything off I snip just slightly out from the main stem.

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